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Mind Mental Health Media Awards

Posted on 27 November 2009 | 9:11am

  • PaulWillis

    Well done not just for the award but for continuing to speak out about this. I am a psychiatric nurse and I know it makes a difference to service users when there are role models they can identify with


    Good article in the Times yesterday about footballers, including Lou Macari. Did not know his son had committed suicide or that Macari also had depression. There is so much more of this than people realise. Good blog on Coulson and Cameron and bullying. I wonder if Coulson was also behind the attack on the so called terrorist school which seems to have backfired

  • Russ Kane

    Well done for speaking out about a subject that people sweep under the carpet.

  • Charlie Trent

    What was the fish-shagging joke? Seemed to go down well. More seriously, totally agree on the way the media keep linking violence and mental illness when as you say the mentally ill are often victims of violence.

  • Harold Wells

    Keep banging the drum … this is changing but if take the foot off the gas, it will go backward quickly