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Buy books, raise money for Labour

Posted on 1 February 2010 | 9:02am

  • Malcolm Harper

    Good stuff. Like you say on the blog, Tories have a lot more money this time. More important is the fact of people who support the party thinking of what they as individuals can do to help

  • Paula Kingman

    I already have one signed by you – I got it at an event in Newcastle last year – but I will get one for my Gran who is sitting on the fence a bit at the moment! Used the dreaded ‘Lib dem’ words the other day!! Don;t worry we’ll get her back

  • caroline bond

    Hi Alastair
    I met you on Wigmore Street last Friday night. You are much more attractive than I expected. It was a pleasure to chat to you. I admire your strength of character and balls of steel. I haven’t yet finished your book The Blair Years but have enjoyed it so far. Hope Mr B was in good form on Friday night! Cheers CB