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Tribute to a lovely man

Posted on 3 March 2010 | 5:03pm

  • Carole Marsh

    I know that when people die others tend to say the nice things or nothing, but what has been interesting today is the warmth of people across the whole of the party. I saw you on Sky, post Tony Benn and pre Neil Kinnock. ALl three of you seemed genuinely warm about Mr Foot, and that has come through all the tributes I have heard. I love the story on your blog about the young boy Fiona took to interview Mr Foot about George Orwell. It is so easy for well known people to say No to that kind of thing. Keep up the good work for the Labour family

  • Pat Hoolihan

    His journalism and his writing should certainly not be forgotton. He was something of a favourite for Beaverbrook but we forgive him !!

  • gary Enefer

    Dear AC
    Very nice tribute. I can only echo Carole Marsh.

  • George Allan