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Good for Gordon

Posted on 10 March 2010 | 2:03am

  • Henry Yates

    great Vlog, thank you. Agree re Clegg. The objective should be to make it easier for the public to vote for the person they believe will deliver the vision they want. Not sure that having a 3 way debate is going to help that process.

  • Pauline McGregor

    PMQs was fairly lively as you said in your tweet, but Gordon should not just go on about figures, but beliefs. I thought his tribute to Michael Foot was flat and he did not react fast enough to Cameron going off on one first about the military being Tories and then the one about the Tories winning the Cold War. I dread to think what your old boss would have done with that one … Cameron would be somewhere near Big Ben right now

  • Charlie Barnes

    Expectations for Gordon low. Cameron too glib for a long series of exchanges but Clegg will give him breathing space. Btw, ever thought of transcribing the vlogs and putting the words on the blog??

  • Leo

    I realise we live in an Orwellian state where the truth is what Big Brother Brown says it is regardless of the evidence, so maybe I’m entirely missing the point but you’ve twice in videos said that his record is a positive. I’m going to resist the temptation to do the wide-ranging list thing and just ask how you can see the record on his relationship with the military as good for Gordon. Eminent military personnel, senior civil servants and even a coroner have all come out directly and indirectly referring to the inadequate backing the forces received from the PM when he was Chancellor. Isn’t the voter likely to disregard the PM’s protests to the contrary and conclude that these numerous and consistent data points evidence an appalling record in relation to the military? How is that a positive?

  • Elizabeth Tudhope

    I have rejoined the Labour Party largely because of these blogs. I was a member around 1997 and worked at the count in Stonehaven – one of the best nights of my life. It may seem odd but I have a similar feeling as pre 1997 win. I think Gordon is coming into form at just the right time and I think Cameron will be shown up in the debates. There is a change in the air – it’s all to play for.

  • Patrick James

    I’ve just watched the snippet of PMQ’s which is linked to at the Labour List blog as “Cameron loses his rag”. This is the part about the funding for the troops in Afghanistan.

    Cameron gets very red in the face and looks a bit ridiculous, but Brown remains absolutely calm and in control of what he is saying.

    In that situation Brown is the clear winner. In the TV debates I feel that it would be great if Brown utilises his ability to remain calm.