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Meet Colin, who will help organise signed books for anyone who wants them

Posted on 29 July 2011 | 3:07pm

I get a fair few requests on here, via email, twitter and Facebook, for signed copies of my books. As some of you know, I always try to sort things out for people, but I think it is time I had a proper system for this.

So step forward a very nice man called Colin at Waterstone’s in Hampstead High Street, not far from where I live … Colin and I have agreed that anyone who wants a signed copy of my diaries can order them via him, and I will pop up to the shop every now and then and sign them with personal dedications to those who ask for them.

He will charge the full cover price, but throw in UK postage for free … which seems a pretty good deal. So that means £25 for hardback versions of The Blair Years, extracts of the diaries published in 2007, and the same price for Prelude to Power (94-97),  Power and the People (97-99), and the latest one published earlier this month, Power and Responsibility (99-2001). Paperbacks of The Blair Years, Prelude to Power and Power and the People, will cost £12.99, £9.99 and £9.99 respectively.

All you have to do is email Colin at stipulating what books you would like, what if any dedication you would like, and how you would like to pay. Contrary to my earlier note on this he won’t take cheques or postal orders, but will take payment by credit card over the phone, or cash/credit card in person at 68-69 Hampstead High Street London NW3 1QP.

  • Rebecca Hanson


    Yesterday we took out youngest three children to explore
    their dad’s childhood paradise – Tiree. 
    We went to see his great-aunt’s house, in which she kept her animals in
    her second room in winter and where, in summer, endless yarns were spun in Gaelic
    beside the crackling fire.  Silent early
    60s family cine-film of his family swimming in Balephuil
    Bay proved justified in the beauty
    they suggested.  Modern Calmac comfort
    replaced the dramatic pictures of their family car being transferred by crane
    between ferries in Tobermory.


    I never dreamed I’d find you there Alastair, part of the
    commentary about the history of the island! They spoke highly of the
    contribution you made to homecoming.   


    You write still about your battles with depression and please
    forgive me if I’m speaking out of turn. 
    I haven’t read your books and I really should to comment and perhaps not
    even then.


    It’s just a sharing thing – an insight from me and others
    who have suffered that might make sense to your or perhaps to others who read
    your blog. 


    It’s just that the most powerful tool in the box in this
    battle was for me and many like me was learning just to be.  Some of the time.  To be in touch with myself.  To be accountable to no-one and pursuing
    nothing.  To allow my deep subconscious
    time to unravel itself.  Not easy for
    many to learn – it wasn’t for me. But for you – you would have know it in your
    childhood on Tiree so at least you know what you’re aiming for and you’d
    clearly be welcome back there now.  I
    just wonder if you use this tool in your battle?  I see it as being like leaving a field fallow
    from time to time.  It builds up
    resistance, becomes less susceptible to the battering forces.  It’s not immune of course but it is stronger
    and healthier. 

  • Ehtch

    When living in London/Croydon, one bookshop I always visited was Dillons on Gower Street, just down the road from the University College of London. The bookshop is most probably called something else these days. I used to spend hours in there, on all floors and sections. Went there once with my daughter – I couldn’t get her out of the musical section.She was on her knees there with all these books around her. At that same visit, met a japanese lady who lectured in the said University, and we liked each other, but I had to tell her I had to take my daughter back to her mother in Redhill. Ah well, such is life!

  • margaret ellis


    You very kindly signed a book for me at an event last year organised by
    by Clare-Louise on  22nd September 2010 and brought back to me in France .

    Do you think  your new arrangement with Waterstones would extend to  them
    sending here , of course with extra postage paid?



  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that won’t be a problem, provided you do the maths for them!

  • Great idea, especially being able to have a personal dedication, some books are really worth having signed if at all possible, your being in that category.
    Sincere thanks for sorting my request out earlier in the week, I now understand a tiny bit better of how you were such a link between a government and Joe Public and how you knew what Joe Public thought how they  acted here in the real world.

  • Ehtch

    Ah yes, called Waterstones as well these days. The best bookshop in the land, or even the World. Well worth many visits for anyone. They have books on everything and anything. A bookworms dream!

  • Deborah Bennett

    Thanks for coming up with a response to these requests. Note and cheque to Colin on it’s way. Enjoy the holidays.

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  • what a great idea! is it possible to email colin and pay via credit card? 
    i dont live in the uk but want to send a present to my boyfriend who does.

  • Anonymous

    his email is give it a go. all the best

  • Blimey – sorry about the formatting!

  • Ehtch

    To be even more random, my favorite pub in ol’ London Town, The Glasshouse Stores, on Brewer Street in Soho, a Samuel Smiths pub from Tadcaster, Yorkshire. Met some incredible people there. Met Paul Raymond there even, the porn wotsit, about 12 odd years ago. He didn’t have any money on him! And I had to but him the drinkies! And my favorite nightclub in said place is the Roadhouse in Covent Garden. Met Slade there, the Wolverhampton rock group from the 1970s. Got friendly with a female doctor from Uzbeckinstan of all places, asian looking. Great times.

  • Sallyhughes1

    I’m hoping to organise a signed book for my son for Christmas as a surprise. He is a 4th year Politics student and just said he wanted to read “Alistair Campbell’s diaries” so no idea which one to get – can you help and suggest which one?

  • Anonymous
  • Bob Hand

    It’s no longer Colin at Waterstone’s Hampstead it’s Pam! You might want to change the entry.Otherwise a very efficient and helpful service

  • Steve-dc

    Good Good. Was in London when Alister visited my university (Queen’s Belfast) missed meeting him.