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Don’t fall for Boris Johnson’s ‘I’m not a Tory’ shtick

Posted on 2 May 2012 | 9:05am

So tomorrow London decides whether Boris Johnson gets another bash at being Mayor, or Ken Livingstone a return to City Hall.

Whizzing through my morning media brief, I see Ed Miliband correctly exposing the strategy that Johnson is hoping will get him over the line. This from the Independent Page 17… Ed Miliband has accused Boris Johnson of trying to fool Londoners into thinking he is not a Conservative by distancing himself from Cameron, writes Grice. Miliband: ‘Boris Johnson’s strategy for these mayoral elections is based on pretending he is not a Tory. He tries not to be seen in public with David Cameron and most of his election literature makes no reference to him being the Conservative candidate. But Boris Johnson has proven to be a typical Tory as mayor, raising fares, cutting services and standing up only for the powerful or wealthy in London … He [Johnson] led the campaign for a tax cut for millionaires in the Budget. He even wanted to go further than Osborne by reducing the rate for those earning £150,000 a year not just to 45p, but to 40p. People must not be misled. They should not let Boris Johnson get away with it. They have a choice between a Tory mayor with a track record of standing up for the privileged few or a Labour mayor in Ken Livingstone with a proven track record of making lives better for working people in London.’

Then right on cue up pops Johnson in the Sun and the Mail, stressing how different he is (sic) to David Cameron and George Osborne. ‘Basher Boris’ (Sun p15 i/v) – ‘I’m different from Cameron and Osborne, claims Boris’ (Mail p8) – Johnson today demands a better deal for White Van Man and blasts Osborne for waving through a crippling fuel duty hike. The London Mayor distances himself from the Chancellor’s botched Budget, writes Newton Dunn. He declares he is “pro-pasty”. Wow!

Meanwhile over in The Guardian part of the media jungle, page 16 tells us ‘Johnson aided by firm that paid no tax for three years’ (Guard p16) – Boris Johnson’s campaign for re-election as mayor of London has been utilising the offices of an international mobile phone company that has paid no corporation tax in Britain for three years.’ Well, there’s a shock.

Ken Livingstone may have his faults as well as his strengths. But he did more for London than Boris has. His heart is with the many not the few that Boris cares about. The choice is not Ken or perfection, but him or Johnson, Labour or Tory, and given the mess the Tories are making of things, the Mayor included, it has to be Ken.

  • JonCarter

    Ali Campbell, are you really saying that Ken cares for the many? Do me a favour. He is a disgrace and just wants to divide and rule. Horrible horrible man.

  • reaguns

    So Alastair is backing the labour candidate – hold the front page!

    Boris is more of a Tory than Cameron is, people who follow politics should know that because Cameron like Ken Clarke is a lib dem in tory clothes. However for London Boris has proposed some un-Tory things, probably out of opportunism.

  • Michele

    Stunning article from a few weeks ago :

    I’m embarrassed to admit I’d not known the source of BJ describing £250k as chickenfeed …. I’d just assumed it was some general ‘Aren’t I a hoot’ type piffle. 

    I had no idea it is the amount he makes (I’m careful where I use the word ‘earn’) for his weekly column in the Toxigraph. 
    Ye gods, are other Londoners as dense as me?

    It also lists his inherited projects (for which he assumed the credit).

  • Alan Davis

    In view of Ken’s totally misguided but populist views on our removal of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, I hardly think he is fit to be leader of our Capital. His misunderstanding of the nature of Middle eastern culture and character makes his leadership of our multicultural city to be avoided at all costs. You should be the first to know this!

  • Michele

    OMG ….. re the bike scheme from the link !!
    ………………. “Over its first five years, the scheme is expected to cost £140m, of
    which sponsors Barclays Bank, despite having their company colours all
    over the hardware, are contributing less than a fifth………………………… ”

    I thought BB were funding the bikes completely …… to have their corporate colours so much in evidence.
    BJ has ‘promised’ to extend the scheme if he gets back in.
    I’d not imagine that that means providing any more bikes, given that so few of them are used per day anyway. 
    It can only mean building more racks and extending the zone with the same number of heavy bikes (which people do not have to wear a safety helmet to hire).

  • Olli Issakainen

    Ali vs Frazier.
    Who is going to be the next mayor of Borisopolis?
    Boris Johnson would make a brilliant act in the vaudeville circuit, but we are now choosing the mayor of London – not clowns.
    Ken Livingstone has a perfect manifesto for the people of London.
    A win for Bozza would send a wrong message to Britain. Messrs Cameron and Osborne would use it as a mandate to continue with austerity.
    Yes, the race is more about personality than party. It is an election based on who people hate the least.
    But Mr Johnson is a rightwing candidate. Riots, air pollution etc. have shown what he is about.
    Yes, Ken Livingstone has been accused of tax avoidance and antisemitism. But his policies are better for Londoners.
    By voting Boris people will give also backing to the omnishambles government. To the PM and hopeless chancellor who have now hit economic iceberg and do not know what to do next.
    Living standards are falling.
    Labour is 19% ahead of the Tories in London. Let´s show this also as support for Ken.
    Boris Johnson has had more meetings with bankers than anyone. He  urged Osborne to cut the 50p tax.
    Housing costs are up. Transport too.
    The financial crisis has been used to increase the power of elites. Boris Johnson has lobbied for the City bankers.
    Millionaires have been rewarded, but ordinary citizens are paying more.
    Fabulous new wealth for the friends of the Tories – austerity for the rest.
    This is not fair. Ed Miliband will win the next general election on FAIRNESS AGENDA.
    Out of touch rich boys do not have a chance. It will be 99% versus 1%.
    The French and Greek elections will start a new economic orthodoxy giving backing to the two Eds. M. Hollande is a Keynesian Socialist.
    Boris Johnson is not a harmless entertainer. He is part of the financial elite.
    He is for the top 1%. Johnson wants to cut the top rate to 40%.
    Do not vote for millionaires who are in the pockets of the City bankers.
    Philip Hammond (worth £7.5m) worked for the World Bank.
    George Osborne (£4.6m) is a member of Rothschilds´ Bilderberg Group, and has been a close friend of Nat Rothschild.
    When is opposition, the family of Jacob Rothschild directly donated money to Osborne´s office (the Telegraph).
    Jeremy Hunt is worth £4.5m
    The family of David Cameron (£4m) has done business with the Rothschilds for decades. PM is also a Bilderberger.
    He was an advisor for Norman Lamont (NM Rothschild).
    Chris Huhne (£3.5m) has worked for Rothschilds´ the Economist and Fitch Ratings.
    Andrew Mitchell (£2m) worked for Lazard investment bank.
    David Laws (£1-2m) for Rothschilds´ JP Morgan.
    Nick Clegg (£1.9m) is a Bilderberger. He has worked for Rothschilds´ FT and Postipankki bank in Finland!
    Theresa May (£1.6m) worked for the BoE. She has received the Freedom of the City of London.
    Oliver Letwin (£1.6m) is a former Rothschild banker. He is the link between Rothschilds and the Tory-led government.
    Ken Clarke (£1m+) sits on the steering committee of Bilderberg Group together with Marcus Agius of Barclays (Rothschilds) and Josef Ackermann of Deutsche Bank (Rothschilds).
    Mr Clarke has been a board member of Rothschilds´ BAT. He owns shares in Rothschilds´ BP.
    William Hague (£2.5m) is a Bilderberger. As is Francis Maude (£3m), a Bilderberger who has worked for Barclays and Rothschilds´ Morgan Stanley.
    Vince Cable is the former chief economist of Rothschilds´ Shell. Zac Goldsmith is in relationship with Alice Rothschild.
    70 of 305 Conservative MPs are from the City. A third of 193 peers.
    11 Tory MPs/peers have worked for Barclays including Jesse Norman, Lord Lawson and Earl Howe.
    John Redwood, Lord Lamont and Jacob Rees-Mogg have worked for NM Rothschild.
    Vote Labour. Sack Boris! 

  • Michele

    EM doing very well at the mo with Martha Kearney

    However, she has introduced the idea that Select Committees them very selves are now being undermined by ‘division along party lines’ – adopting the mis-quote first broadcast  by Louise Mensch.

    The Report states that Rupert Murdoch is not a fit and proper person to run an international corporation like BSkyB.
    Those last two groups of letters, the ‘like BSkyB’ are the qualification of the rest of the sentence, they describe Rupert Murdoch’s limitation.

    He might well be fit and proper to run another type of international corporation.

    How dare media types distort what they report to us, ignore the detail  and how dare they take their lead from someone that is such sycophant to Cam&Osbo?

  • Michele

     Wow, let’s all bow to someone with sufficient knowledge of Middle East culture that he thinks the world would be better off with Saddam still in place. 
    No mention of Chemical Ali and the ‘orrible gases though.

  • Michele

     Can you categorise your own as yet single post here?
    Is it a unifying one?
    Are you one of life’s unifying forces?

    I haven’t given in to the temptation of scrolling the blog on LabourList to see what your single word post reading ‘Mad’ on there is ‘in relation’ to.

  • Anonymous

     No. it’s JUST you

  • Michele


    Or perhaps it was just me that was out of the country and without t’net or other media at the time eh …. unsavoury cookie?

  • reaguns

    I knew he got 250k for his telegraph column. Didn’t know he called it chickenfeed. I used to read it occasionally, sometimes it was good but I can never be bothered now.

  • JonCarter

    I’m not sure I follow?

  • Michele

     It’s been resurrected and quoted in the past few weeks reaguns but was apparently actually said some time ago!

    Note for the unsavoury one …. as it happens I was out of this country then too ! 😮

  • Chris lancashire

    Oh, he is a Tory. And he’ll win. Unless, of course, the postal votes do for him.
    Cheers Alastair.

  • Michele

     If I’m curious about someone’s other input, just wondering whether a post in an aberration or is standard for them, I can click on their icon and be linked to it.

    When I click on yours I find only the two posts on this thread and your post on LabourList which is simply the word ‘Mad’, which seems not very complete, especially when compared to your venom here against KL.
    Naturally it’s possibly an unreliable function but if not, are you one of life’s unifiers?

    Withut wondering about your answer and unlike you I think that KL is.


    Until today I’ve not given much thought to BJ’s piffle that ‘£250k = chickenfeed’. 
    I hadn’t known he was saying that in relation to his own pay per year for a weekly column on a Tory rag. 

    £250k pa means nearly £5k per week for a single column; in addition to thinking that that is a obnoxious situation I wonder how it compares to other Toxigraph writers? 
    Is it feasible that Gilligan is paid so well and if not does he resent it (or does he not if he thinks that subsidising BJ as mayor is something worth doing?). 
    BJ has also hinted that pay such as this allows people to donate to charity, wonder if he does?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, few do. You see, if you dare to come on here and criticise Labour or Labour candidates or Labour-supporters such as AC, the attack dogs come out, while the sheep start bleating, “Labour good, everyone else rotten”. What I don’t understand is how Labour gets kicked out of office in any election. You would have thought that being perfect they would hold office perpetually. But somehow that doesn’t seem to happen.

  • Mark


  • Michele

    It’s a shame that the Murdoch Inquiry has finished during this week,  clashing with local elections.

    I’m sure that Louise Mensch can’t be the most senior or experienced or qualified of the Tory members of the panel so am not sure why she’s become its spokesperson; the Tory ‘A List’ for new candidates can’t be anything to do with what Labour was criticised for re its women can it?

    However, that’s the way it is but it’s disgusting that she’s now being subjected to the cybersphere’s special type of coward :

    It’s sad that like so many women she’s being subjected to sillythickphobists ranging from the pathetic to the worryingly sexist.

  • So Much for the Evening Standard’s ‘Sorry’ Campaign a couple of years back

    Sarah Sands is direct from Tory Central office and is an obedient

    Boris lackey and tool.

    Lebedev is fortunate that the Standard is a free rag as the appointment of
    Sands as Editor would drive all non Tories running for Tube.

    Boris doesn’t own the Evening Standard. He merely told the owner to appoint
    his old girlfriend and cheerleader, Sarah Sands, as Editor and his campaign only
    suggests what Standard hacks should write ( to make him look good). The
    Standard has always been a propaganda rag for the Tories for decades and this
    will continue under Sarah Sands.

    What has the Evening Standard been promised by Boris/ the Tories in return
    for their obedient cheerleading and shilling ? Veronica Wadley was eventually
    appointed to the Arts Council despite opposition from many in the artistic
    Community for getting the Standard to act as a pr machine for Boris. Sarah Sands
    is no different from Wadley, she is in Boris’s back pocket and takes her orders
    from Tory central office.

    If Boris is re-elected could he please work FULL-TIME as London Mayor and
    stop spending so much time cashing in by writing so much for The Daily

    The Mayor is a prestigious position and requires complete attention, not
    just when elections are approaching.

    Londoners want a full-time Mayor to sort out the City not a part-time one.
    Candidates take note !

    We thought after the last Mayoral campaign where the Standard loyally
    backed Boris that we then had an advertising campaign saying “sorry” and that in
    future the paper would be independent. Did I dream that? Instead, the Standard
    has formally endorsed Boris again. So the same as last time.

    Why even pretend to be objective?

    Sarah Sands is a political hack, not a credible journalist.

  • Ehtch

    Hope Boris will be eating cold sausages on Friday morning, with no meat, with a good smack on the back from Paxo, saying, “don’t worry Boris, there is always next time. Hard cheese, ol’ boy.”.

  • Ehtch

    To on previous crap apple flowering and forget-me-nots, the chestnut tree in our back garden right next to the sun house is on the point of flowering with it’s stunning white upright candles, can be seen above our fronted true double garaged doors from the road. A stunning sight for local neighbour passers.

    The tree was moved three times in our back garden, this conker tree, but I might bore people with it. Finally found where it was right and could blossom, with anti-weed and feeding powder to help it when transplanted.

    Just off for a walk soon to the local voting station, will be voting for Kim, was in school with here, Labour, local council. She had a good time earning working for the DVLA, learning “things” or whatever the government calls it these days. Hope Kim gets in.

  • Dave Simons

     Absolute rot as usual. One of the problems on this blog is that ‘criticism’ of Labour tends to be very low quality, rather like yours. I remember welcoming the contribution from a Conservative supporter about a year and a half ago because it was articulate and well argued. Unfortunately it was apparently a one-off, and the one-line mud slingers prevail.

  • Michele

     Situation re postal votes does need addressing, nobody’s vote should be stolen from them.

    Checking out the bona fides of their owners could be a worthwhile job creation scheme!

  • reaguns

    I don’t understand unsavoury one, out of the country, presume thats to someone else.

    As for Boris, I’m afraid to me it looks like another one of those “Diane Abbott is a horrible racist who wants to start a British Black Panthers” or “Jeremy Clarkson wants to shoot strikers.” The labour reaction quoted in that post is typical but embarassing.

    Why can’t we have more like those I mentioned the other day like Charles Clarke, or take Jack Straw’s reaction last year when prodded on question time to take advantage of Ken Clarke’s rape comments, but Straw refused to do so.

  • Gilliebc

    I luv (horse?) chestnut trees.  We have several along the road close to where I live.  The candles, some white and some purple always lift my spirits at this time of year as I walk or drive past them.  ‘For the beauty of the earth’ and all that! 

    No voting in this area at this time. 

  • Ehtch

    Off topic, as I do – BORIS, pop your eyes back in, alpine ladies I am constantly in love with, two from Osterrich, right so-an’-so’s they are, down Boris, behave,

  • Ehtch

    Pissed off with the wimmins section of the Guardian – there was I battling to defend Louise Mensch, and wimmin too, they took my messages the wrong fucking way, and now I am back in the land of “comment waiting for wotsisting”! Bluddy bluddy wimmin!

    Anyway, what’s happenning here?

  • Mark Wright

    Anybody doubting Ken Livingston’s commitment to the people of London should have a listen to the link below.

    It’s for a promo flexi-disc from 1984 entitled ‘Jobs For A Change’ featuring ‘Ken Livingston & The Flying Pickets’ for the ‘Job For A Change’ festival which was held on Sunday June 10th 1984 on the South Bank.

    Think about that. 1984.

    Ken’s been fighting for Londoner’s rights his whole life.

  • Ehtch

    Wot with this farcking nonsense, wot, ey, Alf Garnett speaking her luv, you are who, Louise Mensch? nice name luv, but never ‘eard of you sorry – did your dad conduct on the picaddilly line? anyways, listen, listen, the proplem with lahndon, see, we are giving, give and give,and where does that get us, ey? BLUDDY NOWHERE. See, the problem with this govenrment, their too close to the bankers, see, in that City see, as well as that knob Murdoch, Ha-ey, he is on his last legs, ey, 81,81, wheelchair time and off with the fairies he will be soon, ey?


    Yeh, too right Alf.

  • Michele

     Yes, the comment for the unsavoury one is re another, it’s a weak joke based on their ID.  Oooops, am ‘abouting’.

    I can’t agree with your evaluation re BJ’s comment.  For someone to be paid such a vast amount for such a small amount of effort/time/work smacks of subsidy for him having to give up his editor role. 
    If it were on offer to all mayoral candidates (in addition to the present £130k-ish salary) it would not stink the same.

    He seems to be getting in to quite a bad habit of swearing :
    not to mention fibbing, the snippet about £5m re the bikes scheme!

  • Ehtch

    furthermore Gilliebc, it gets more interesting, grabbed one of those furry straight slender mops, to get cobwebs down, shoved a few plastic pipes extended, went to a horse chestnut tree miles away, stoked the flowers,came back to the back garden one, stroked its flowers, and hey presto, enormous conkers at end of summer. I will have to refine this process, and see if something can come from it, rather than some conkers contest in some school yard.

  • Ehtch

    Our conker tree suffers the moth blight, leaves discolour mid-summer, and little moths flying about. But it is getting less, when I spayed it with water made of nicotine fag ends. Honest, it works, slowish. Where you usually put soap in the pressure washer, I put old soaked fag ends water in instead, and spray it up into the leaves, fifty feet into the air, with the wind helping.. Insects can’t cope with nicotine. oh no, they die die die you buggers.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I meant the reaction to him calling the 250k “chickenfeed” if that was said in the tongue and cheek way implied. If it was said in earnest that would be different.

    The matter of him earning the 250k is something different. I haven’t done much hunting around but I would have though there must be various labour and tory people of past and present getting paid to write newspaper columns, run property businesses etc if we were to stop Boris we’d have to stop them all. It seems to me just a way to attack Boris. If Alan Johnson, or even for example Ed Balls had a weekly column in the guardian I’d read it, and wouldn’t consider it a dereliction of duty.

    Johnson speaks on a wide range of topics with a lot of humour and often from a very original angle. People think he is a bungling buffoon but I fear would have to think twice if they read him. In short I think he is an excellent writer.

    I do not think he is an excellent Mayor however, its something entirely different.

    So maybe he is not a buffoon, but he is bungling. Riots, transport strikes etc all happening on his watch.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, if you’ve had someone lazy and inept as mayor, people at large form the view that the mayor has no real role and it’s all a bit of a joke.  I expect Billy Bunter will get back in.  But if he does, it will be a measure of the capital’s malaise and the dumbing down of politics. And then we can all feel genuinely depressed.  

    I have just spent the last two hours knocking on doors to get out the vote on London housing estates.  What Boris Johnson would have to offer any of these people I have no idea.

  • Michele

     The point is that £250k for a weekly column is out of any proportion.  Do you imagine anyone else there is paid such a figure?  This is subsidy of a powerful political role.

    I do realise DT’s a private company and its owners can do what they like with their  own money (and we know its previous owner helped himself to what wasn’t).
    The ability to appear stupid and buffoon-ish is handy for a media person, it has done nothing for London/ers.

    I wonder whether there’ll ever be an Inquiry about the Telegraph/Barclay Bros exertions in to London politics and sheer transparent subsidy of its mayor (fingers crossed he’ll be down by one salary by morning).

  • Michele

     I’ve not been peeking in over there but you might come across as a wannabe-knight in your posts Ehtch and it’s not always something that’s possible to appreciate if it requires women to go all kitten-ish.  We’re not defenceless, just different 🙂 

    I’m not a fan at all of Louise Mensch, haven’t been since her ‘arrival’ – I discovered quite late (as she was a brand new and unfamiliar MP) that she was the hootin’&hollerin’ person sitting right behind and cheering every sentence from Osbo in his first round of economic changes (she made the chamber sound like an American ‘football’ game was on).

    But there are nasty tactics that get employed against women and no matter how equal she should feel, the sexism in the comments about her is revolting and something that she can’t counter without sinking to the same level.  Cyber violence obviously isn’t physical but it can be chilling (and it’s not always from men!).

  • Michele

     ” ………………… wouldn’t consider it a dereliction of duty…………………. ”

    Nothing at all to do with it.  It’s the amount, the sheer cheek of such a huge subsidy for him to do something for a lark (all Dick Whittington-ish) when he just doesn’t love London and Londoners as Ken does.

  • reaguns

    I think Ken loves himself. And a few of his broody hippy friends (provided they are not jews of course.)

    Boris loves himself too, and his mistresses.

    I don’t think either of them ever lost a nights sleep over the plight of ordinary londoners.

  • Michele

     Aw diddums, the sensible parts of the public have not fallen for Brian Paddick.  He really should have stayed in the Met, he was doing some good there and surely its horizon was big enough for anyone?
    Any ideas why he thought differently?

    Your sickening opportunistic cheap little shot at KL’s ‘not’ friends exposes you as a stupid brat that lashes out.  If I could bear the sound of the p-word I’d plead with you to do it off.

  • reaguns

    If you say that about Boris you can say that about all paid commentators. What about Polly Toynbee on 140k? Speaking loudly and clearly for labour. Oh she is not in the party, ok then do we ban all party members from writing columns? I don’t see how you can nobble Boris Johnson and his column without nobbling a lot of others as well. I wish more politicians would write columns and blogs.

  • reaguns

    If you say that about Boris you can say that about all paid commentators. What about Polly Toynbee on 140k? Speaking loudly and clearly for labour. Oh she is not in the party, ok then do we ban all party members from writing columns? I don’t see how you can nobble Boris Johnson and his column without nobbling a lot of others as well. I wish more politicians would write columns and blogs.

  • reaguns

    Whats opportunistic? Ken talking about rich jews or me calling him on it?

    Don’t understand your last paragraph.

  • reaguns

    Whats opportunistic? Ken talking about rich jews or me calling him on it?

    Don’t understand your last paragraph.

  • Michele

     Plughole avoidance:
    Re the embarrassing (should be) admission  ……. “Don’t understand your last paragraph” ….Taking the easy way out?  Write it down on a slip of paper, in sequence, horizonatally left to right then read, you might then.We all know there’s a lot of profit to be made from claims of discrimination, profit as in money as well as in ruining people’s reputations to steal an advantage over them.  We all know that this sometimes leads to unfair claims about perceived or imagined or convenient ‘discrimination’; sometimes truly felt but often born out of confusion or unsophistication.I reckon Ed Miliband is a Jewish bloke that knows what is and isn’t actual discrimination.  He grew up in a now-trendy part of London that was still a bombsite when his parents bought there.  It edges on to areas like Whitechapel and Stoke Newington, areas where people of  all sorts of cosmopolitan nationalities and origins live but there isn’t much mingling in any of those areas.  Nobody imposed that on anybody.This: is what Ed Miliband has said this week in rebuttal of the so-easy accusations you’ve bandwagoned on to.We need anti-discrimination legislation for where it’s real but we all need to develop thicker skins too and not expect to be swaddled for life.  Stop flailing around and being over-emotional.  Your man lost, get over it.

  • Michele

     ofgs you can’t resist the tangents can you?
    Boris is being subsidised as Mayor, he is not doing the job for the love of London or its people.
    It’s about status for him vs being a real job with real needs to KL.
    The £250k is subsidy to someone the Barclay Bros want in power.

    Want in power….OK?  Want him in position to launch himself off to replace Cam when the back benchers and right wing nut jobs have finally kicked him out. 

    We’re finally going to be rid of the Murdochs distorting so much but the tax …. hush mah mouth ….  twins fancy taking over the strings.

  • Michele

    I’ve just read that the count is presently slightly in favour of BJ but not giving him the required minimum of 50% so second choice votes from the third-placed candidate (Jenny Jones) will be added on to their numbers.  I don’t know whether that means pro-rated or halved?
    I’m sure she’ll gip deeply if her votes help the smug one in.

    Wish I’d seen  this weeks ago and been able to pass it around :

  • Ehtch

    Kim got in with County Council, and on the parish council too. Congrats to her. Nia Griffith, our local MP, encouraged her to have a go. Well done, not bad for first go.

  • Ehtch

    I just feel she has been used by certain people, and at the basest level, and I feel for her. But what can you expect from this low lot that call themselves the Government of our country? Who are the whips for the Tories again? They have something to answer for here, especially. Many people could see straight through what was going on, that the select committee findings were being used as cheap party political points just before these elections.

    Fuming I was, and I showed my frustration, as in above personal micro-story.

  • Ehtch

    furthermore, link, go down the list and click on Llannon ward, where I am living and voting,

    Parish council, again go down to the Llannon, but it is pdf, so scroll down down down, yes, keep scrolling…

  • reaguns

    You said “If I could bear the sound of the p-word, I’d do it off.” I don’t understand.

    I really don’t understand the rest of the post above either?
    I didn’t have a dog in this fight, I didn’t vote for anyone. I suppose you mean Paddick, yes I’d rather he would have won, but I suppose anything positive about him could not overcome the contempt with which the lib dems are held

    Why would I place my one vote when I can go round telling people that I like Ken so that it puts them off.

    I don’t get your bit about discrimination either but it seems that you are telling me off, telling me I need a thicker skin against Ken’s jewish barbs (and I’m not even a jew btw.) Yet it was you who called my remark sickening – so who really needs the thicker skin?

  • Ehtch

    BLIMEY! flexi discs!! Got a load of them in the attic, my younger brother was a sucker for them on the front of magazines then, especially ones stuck on the front of Smash Hits and Record Mirror then. Have one of John Foxx, that is worth a fortune, to the right buyer…

    John Foxx as in,

  • Ehtch

    Anyway, do you remember Clare Grogan from Glasgie? From the 1980’s, singing about insects from then? Lovely girl/woman. Here she is from then, on TOTP London, as you do,

    oops, that was when she was in Gregory’s Girl, this one I meant, strutting her stuff, making a beeb cameraman work, the fat comfortable fella from Tunbridge Wells no doubt,

  • Ehtch

    edit, I will get it right sometime! That was her singing live on The Old Grey Whistle Test, of course, with her Glasgie mates from Altered Images, from 1981, as Whispering Bob told us at the end, the prog-rock botherer he was, needing re-educating. He played the beeb line with punk I think. Well, I hope he did.

  • Ehtch

    yes, cyber or violence or not, men do have a habit of finding wimmin that can stick their dagger into their weak sweeyt spot. Now I am not saying there is any excuse for us fellas for such a reaction, perhaps they themselves were looking for it, due to their very young growing experiences themselves. And anyway, wheru would fucking c @ @ ting Jeremy Kyle be without it, getting his trade, to coin, and on his ameican tour, ey?

  • Michele

      This is what I’d said elsewhere ….
    “If I could bear the sound of the p-word
    I’d plead with you to do it off”
    Spot the difference to your ‘quote’?
    It started as wordplay about what I’d like to post to you if it was a phrase I had ever voiced in real life; I haven’t as I hate the p-word, which if you’ve not yet sussed, sod it.

    I don’t understand how someone can post so vociferously about a candidate and then fail to vote for them. I see no point in you arguing or having a vote.
    If there’s a reason you can’t get out, apologies for my ignorance.

    NO apologies for thinking you are opportunistic for jumping on a bandwagon that will pain Ken for the rest of his life; certain accusations are easy peasy to make and more difficult than most for the recipient to endure.  Perhaps it will happen to you one day, who knows?

  • Michele
  • reaguns

    Ah ok, the p-word rhymes with miss! Ok you’ve made your point, though I can’t help but feel the direct version would have made it better!

    Yes I’m aware my own position on voting is a contradiction, I criticise our country and our parties for not being democratic enough, and then don’t vote. But there is no one I want to vote for, and at the end of the day my one vote will not ever change an election outcome. As for Paddick, I never thought he’d win but yes I did wonder if he could do a Boris and outscore his party. Obviously not.

    The point about Ken vs Jews is that your position was a contradtiction – you can be sickened by me jumping on a bandwagon, yet I can’t be sickened by what he says? As it happens I’m not sickened, to be perfectly honest I am not concerned about the sensitivities of Jews, Muslims, Christians or any other such group. I am concerned about poor people, weak people, sick people, victims of crime – people who have circumstances they did not choose and can not change.

    I haven’t looked in to deeply to those types of comments by Ken, its purely his economic and crime policies I disagree with.

  • reaguns

    Perhaps you are right but how to stop this for not jos Boris but everyone else who is subsidised? The answer: Small government. Give govt no levers with which to help barclays etc.

    Why do people think Murdoch is finished? I think Leveson has done nothing so far and will not count chickens before they are hatched.