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Looks like the Boris phenomenon may be driven more by media than real people

Posted on 27 September 2012 | 9:09am

Just as the media were looking for any signs of Vince Cable moving against Nick Clegg this week, so when we come to the Tory conference, there will be an even greater focus on Boris Johnson’s positioning vis a vis David Cameron.

Boris, and the possibility of him being the next Tory leader and PM, is definitely ‘out there’ as a prospect. In the past two days, at two post speech q and as, in both I was asked about that very possibility. It would have been interesting for the Boris media pack to have been there. Because before saying what I thought, I asked the audience what they thought. First, I asked for a show of hands in answer to the question ‘Who, a year ago, would have found the notion of Boris Johnson as PM a totally ludicrous proposition?’ At both the British Soft Drinks Association earlier in the week, and last night at the Women In Advertising and Communication London dinner, a sea of hands went up. At a rough guess, more than nine out of ten.

I then asked them to raise their hands if they still found it a ludicrous proposition, after his emergence into a bigger and more positive profile post Olympics. I was expecting a much smaller share of the hands to go up. But at the BDSA, I reckon eight out ten put their hands up, and at WACL, maybe 75 per cent.

This is not scientific but it does indicate the Boris appeal is as much about celebrity, comedy and size of character as it is about any real sense he could lead the country, no matter how badly the current leader is doing. Indeed, one questioner asked what does it say about Britain that we are even talking about him in those terms?

Remember too that both these events were in London. I suspect that outside the South East, the appeal is not as great, and the ludicrousness of the proposition factor greater. None of which will stop the media juggernaut around him chugging on. For my part, I would have said a year ago that it was impossible. I am now in the ‘unlikely but not impossible’ category. The possibility stems from his profile, seeming popularity and positivity. Apologies for all those Ps.

— Finally, many thanks to WACL for choosing MIND as their adopted charity, for allowing me to talk at length about the charity’s work and the Time to Change campaign, and for buying a copy of the Happy Depressive for the 350 guests. Some of the best creative minds in the country were in the room, and if only half a dozen of them decide to get involved in the campaign to change attitudes on mental health, that would make a difference. I hope they have done as I requested on getting to work, and taken a look at the Time to Change, MIND and Rethink Mental Illness websites.

Thanks too to Equinox, a London based charity helping drug addicts, alcoholics and the homeless who invited me earlier in the day to their Rocket to Recovery event. There were some amazing people telling inspiring stories of recovery. But so many of these services are under threat right now, as resources get tight and mental health goes to the back of the queue.

  • Anonymous

    Dandelion and burdock, an excellent drink, my favotite when young, closely followed by vimto later, when introduced to, but Iron Bru? sorry, not for me – made of scottish iron girders?!? oh shut up!

    Anyway, Boris? You have got to be kidding me Alastair if he has a chance. I want strong sensible political party leaders in this country, and at least Cams is quite British.

    What has happened to us, when we have suddenly become Disraeli-like in not having an old brit as a party leader? That is where the strength lies. Sorry Ed M, it had to be said. But there again, we couldn’t get a gingernut voted in in 1992, so, it looks us true hardcore old brits are fecking hopeless.

  • Olli Issakainen

    Spectre haunting Britain.
    David Cameron´s neoliberal agenda promised prosperity for all, but has only delivered totalitarian capitalism making the crisis worse.
    Britons now want big change to the way economy works. Ed Miliband has come up with the idea of responsible capitalism and predistribution.
    Deteriorating fiscal position does not make 2015 election easy.
    Structural deficit will not be eliminated by 2015. Debt is also ballooning.
    2015 will be a change election on economy.
    Gordon Brown had a golden rule that net debt should not be above 40% of GDP. Before the financial crisis both debt and deficit were lower than under John Major.
    Debt was only 36% of GDP.
    The purpose of austerity is only to shift wealth from poor to rich. Austerity only makes the deficit worse.
    Conservatism stands for defence of inequality and privilege.
    The coalition is rightwing. Neoliberalism is a rightwing ideology disguising as an economic theory.
    Cameron has anti-state dogma.
    During the 13 years of New Labour net debt rose by £319bn. Cameron will borrow at least £465bn in just five years.
    So who is overspending?
    Boris Johnson is indentical to Cameron in ideological sense.
    He is NOT a saviour.
    Personalities matter, and Johnson could enter the 2015 election as the most trusted politician in Britain.
    But does he have the answers on the economy? Probably not.
    Labour is 15 points ahead of the Tories in the polls with most of the cuts still to come.
    Labour´s lead is remarkable as it was in power during the great recession.
    Research shows that swing voters broadly support social democratic views on tax and spend, the size of public sector and public services.
    Appetite for Johnson´s small-state conservatism is small.
    So Mr Johnson is unlikely to defy long-term political trends.
    Boris Johnson is no laughing matter. He is close to the City bankers.
    When Mr Johnson was an MP, he was lacklustre. He does not appeal to women or minorities. Or northerners.
    Yes, Boris Johnson is funny and clever. And popular.
    He may be a match for David Cameron, but cannot beat Ed Miliband on substance.
    Anyway, as long as George Osborne stays, Labour is guaranteed to win in 2015.

  • Anonymous

    You know all, with this story,

    I say let them carry on. Ok she is fifteen schmifteen, so? Good luck I say to them, and all get off your high horses. Virgins were once offered to the local english Lords once, as virgins, to show father’s alliegence, otherwise they would be out of a job and house, so I think this is healthier.

    Song about that….

    Heard it happened to my grandmother, when she was in service, in the midlands somewhere – DNA tests await on me, since my mam was her eldest, rumour has it it was some randy lord….

  • Anonymous

    mee qui, Luke Chartereeees,

    See yanks, us welsh can give it to the french as well, even if he is cornish, old welsh to confuse you yanks, and no doubt our brainwashed anglo-saxons, more… : )

  • Anonymous

    I would say that most people think David Cameron seems a more reliable, more prime ministerial sort than Boris Johnson.
    But how much does that matter? A lot of people would have said that the same thing about Al Gore vis a vis George W Bush, but if you are a Republican, a right winger, if you don’t believe in destroying American industry through ‘green’ policies which drive american industry to china instead – then you are still going to vote for George W Bush.
    Likewise many Tories have now got it in their head that Cameron is not a conservative, that he is a one nation wet, that he is practically a left winger. Boris Johnson seems like the antidote to them as he has positioned himself right on Cameron. They would rather have an incompetent right winger than a competent left winger. Just as I’m sure lefties would rather have an incompetent labour prime minister than a competent tory one. Personally, if there is going to be a leader with different policies to mine, then I want him to be as incompetent as possible so that those policies do not get implemented.
    One problem, pointed out I think by Matthew Parris – is that Boris has always been on the left of the conservative party.
    Then again, if as so often it all just comes down to ‘personality’ and ‘charisma’ well we see time and again that this wins out over policy. Blair and Clinton had substance, but charisma took them over the line. Bush had a certain kind of charisma, so does Obama, which makes it difficult for the John Kerry’s and Mitt Romney’s. I fear poor old Ed will face the same trouble vs Boris Johnson.

  • Richard Thomas

    As I understand it, when crossed Boris has a quite nasty side. A bit like the Chief Whip perhaps so can Nadine Dorries’ party afford another posh boy with an arrogant streak in Parliament?

  • I have always felt that it is quite possible for Boris Johnson to become leader of the Conservative party. I think that he does need to become a more substantial figure in the public eye. I’m sure he knows this and is thinking of ways to achieve this objective.

    I don’t think Boris Johnson would be an improvement on Cameron as a PM however Johnson has two great advantages over Cameron in terms of presentation. Johnson has a likeable personality and he is not fake.

    Boris Johnson is, imho, another opportunist, just like Cameron. He will bend with the breeze.

    The Conservative Party needs something totally different now from the likes of Cameron and Johnson. The party needs someone who will take on the very right wing subgroup within it and get the party to be disciplined and supportive of the leader.

    Opportunists like Cameron and Johnson are incapable of this. They will just detoxify the image of the party prior to elections, then after the election the toxic elements will show themselves as they have done this time.

  • Michele

    Once again I’ll quote Suzanne Moore ” ……..He is no libertarian but someone with an actual lust for authority……”

    Mooched around re whether he’d ever gone by the first of his forenames Alexander Boris de Pfeffel
    and found this clumsy but erm timely anagram of the whole lot:
    Plebeians’ handler’s one Oxford jeff

    His stance about Andrew Mitchell, saying he thinks AM should have been arrested is not genuine imhoo, it’s froth or fuel.

    He didn’t treat certain members of the Met as much more than disposable tools in his first few days as Mayor first time round.
    Naughty yep but a long long way from nice.

  • Anonymous

    Charisma update. It just dawned on me that the best way to describe the situations is thus:
    If David Cameron was running in America, on Obama’s record, he’d lose the election. Same if Mitt Romney had got the same results as Obama. The leftist commentariat would be blaming austerity (technically Obama has run genuine austerity, Cam/Osbo have not.)
    If Barack Obama on the other hand was running in the UK on Cameron’s record, he’d win the next election.
    So sad that partisanship and charisma are all that counts.
    If Barack Obama had put forward the ideas that Ed Miliband has, they would be calling him the new John Maynard Keynes or Milton Friedman… sadly Ed just won’t be heard.

  • Anonymous

    oh dear, – oh dear oh dear, oh dear.

    Nose dive times it looks, financially, to state the bleeding obvious. Soon it will be ration books with these idiots, back to the allotments to grow our own spuds and carrots….

  • Anonymous

    and Alastair, stop teasing your daughter, or I will put a social report on you… for terrible teasing. Song for Grace, from Uncle Huw…. : )

    long intro, talking, ahem! basically lady crap, hold on in there, Grace.

  • Mark Wright

    I would LOVE to see Boris as Tory leader BUT in opposition. He makes me laugh. I ask and want nothing more of a Tory leader.
    As for PM? Oh no, no, no, no, no.

  • Gilliebc

    Ehtch, I am sick to death of this non-story about the girl and her teacher being given such OTT prominence in the MSM. The teachers morals are questionable of course. He is after all a married man and a teacher. But this little affair/story in no way justifies the huge amount of coverage it has been given. It doesn’t justify the amount of money it must be costing in terms of police time and resources either. This is classic MSM distraction of the masses from much more important things.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Johnson is one of them, isn’t he? But please explain why his accession would be harder to imagine than a hung parliament with the two antique dealers in charge?

  • Anonymous

    Here we go, the full wotsit, Dave on Dave,

    how long it will last is another wotsit, since could be ripped…

  • Anonymous

    Seen this reaguns? Apparently Pres Obama phoned Dave up at Chequers when he was playing tennis, and Dave said “tell him I’ll phone him back” or words to that affect. Quite bizarre.

    He treated him as like a mate from the pub, or something.

  • Michele

    It’s not green policies alone that are sending Americans’ work to China, it’s the change in the type of merchandise we all want and the skills and materials needed and we mustn’t forget the ‘need’ for the lowest prices ever.
    The West has always bought zillions in £value$ of Chinese-made merchandise but until the late 90s it was exported via Hong Kong, marked as such (as in being semi-British) and received preferential quota and duty treatment.
    Remember also that the non-green miles of importing from so far distant means your argument about green issues killing US industry doesn’t stand up.
    I’ve got some fabulous vintage American garments with their red on white extra label inside declaring made with Union LaboUr. Red on white.

    The west can’t resent the East finally having chances to become more equal, it’ll soon be the southern hemisphere’s turn (will the East allow it!).

    I’ve heard kind-of worrying things from Chinese colleagues about how families are encouraged to choose Western names for babies (or was it discouragement of choosing a traditional one?).

  • Michele

    Boris has just annynced that he thinks Dave’s failure to explain what ‘Magna Carda’ means was a brilliant ploy; Dave pretending to be one of the people.

    Which people? Americans who think the alphabet only has 25 letters?

    Most British people know what the words ‘Magna Carta’ mean, even those without a smattering of Latin (that would be a smattering, coming from an alphabet with 26 letters).

    The drawling faux cowboys and cowgirls across the pond are about as hip as the pretentious English people pronyne-cing like the Queen.

  • Anonymous

    Bluddy ‘ell Alastair. where are you now, was hoping you to update your bleeding blog this morning. By the way, the full Cameron/NYC/Letterman vid I posted is still up – the fella that posted it must be from a country with lax ripoff laws, which is nice.

    But old goats going on a trip, Grace, how about laughing at these old farts darling? Reminds me of me it does, sadly…

    Bluddy ‘ell myself, I am getting old, can’t climb the stairs even without getting a twinge in me back, when I reach the top.

  • Michele

    Looks as if an Iannucci-inspired aspiring-troll is GFI-ing in the twitsphere 🙁

  • Michele

    I would imagine Boris’s re-election as Mayor this year was down to three things, two of which he has claimed no ‘credit’ for.

    One of those two was the disgraceful campaign to make KL out as an anti-Semite, the other was the smearing about his daring to use business-like arrangements re his tax affairs (doesn’t everyone that employs staff do the same?).

    The third is the efficiency of City Hall and that is KL’s legacy (after eight years setting up the mayoralty from scratch).

  • Michele

    Is MSM your own initialism or does it have a meaning that members of the CTPA alone know about?

  • Michele

    I must have lost a post or something …. ?
    Thought I’d replied yesterday to this one, you are talking crap.

    There are some civilised countries that despite being civilised have the AoC of 13.
    Spain is one, some states of America also have 13 but with the proviso that the male is of a very similar age.

    This is a girl half the age of her what??? her suitor?
    It’s been reported he has form (in which case why is he still teaching?).
    I also mentioned in the post I must have dropped that my Dad was down the pit at age 14, I’m as glad to see the back of history like that as to your awful suggestion about ‘virgins’ and their being ‘offered’ to show their father’s allegiance to HIS lord and master as if they are objects owned by parents (or just fathers?).

    Ye gods, why don’t you top it off with endorsement of people exchanging daughters for visas? Even to cousins.

    Your post stinks.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying that, its primarily the economic system, where we (the west) borrow money to buy goods off the chinese.
    The reason I mentioned the green argument was simply because I was talking about Al Gore, I was making the point, and you could apply this to Chris Huhne, David Cameron and most politicians that they may add to that effect if they decide on green taxes, carbon taxes and so on. If you could stop some products being made, and save on the energy, that would be one thing. But the products will still be made – in China. The net impact on the environment will be nil, but the net impact on british and US jobs will be detrimental.
    I don’t know what the figures for goods from Hong Kong in the past and China now are – I would suspect we import vastly more than we did 10 or 20 years ago.
    The naming of Chinese babies doesn’t concern me much, the killing of them, especially female ones, and the sanctions against having more than one (a human rights abuse to my mind) concern me more.

  • Anonymous

    I blame reality tv when these sort of stories go hysterically hyper-excited. It is like an episode from one of these shows. And next thing will be wads of cash being paid out by certain publications for “my story”-type exposees.

  • Anonymous

    And yes Alastair, tell Iwan for me to sort his life out – when you can afford it, get a cleaner and a gardener – got to give these east euros something to do… : )

    Anyway, that is what aunts and uncles are for, too….

  • reaguns

    I know Alastair probably has better things to do, but I’m finding the blog so boring these days. He only writes the odd one, we have to wait on comments moderation, and that only gets done once or twice a day if we’re lucky. There must be a better way.
    Oh well there is always the guardian and the telegraph to comment on I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    Hope this works, look and click at third video down on this page, from the marvellous wotsisname, Henry V wotsit, umm, married to Vivien Leigh, umm, that’s him, Kenneth Branagh, umm, no, think I was wrong there, narrating on the marvellous BBC made The World at War, click the third vid down, for such, spuds and carrots, in an allotment

    Hold on, hold on, ah, the memory returns, the brilliant Laurence Olivier – what a self-promoting name? But I suppose, that was the times…

  • Anonymous

    …and, Sarah Miles in same sort, playing a mam in Britland, trying to keep her family safe, in any way she thought, in the SE of England then,

    By the way, the kraut that comes down on a parachute is Charlie Boorman, the one that hangs around Ewan McGregor these days, going around the world on their motorbikes and such. Charlie is son of the director of this, who did that Swindon Town BBC West docu in the early 1960’s I posted about a couple of weeks back Alastair.

    Small world ey?

  • Anonymous

    oh fucko, non-fantastico, scarlets lost, just, but dubious reffing by a certain scottish gingernut in the second half, playing to the posh crowd in Veneto, as if the rest of us won’t notice. But I won’t hold that against you Alastair, honest, but a certain cee word does come to mind with that scottish cretin!

    WE WOS ROBBED! again.

    But thanks to Sportitalia2 in showing this match, and to be ripped by pirates… : ) Ah well, away bonus point, that is crumbs we have to eat since the fecking anglo-saxons arrived….

  • Anonymous

    furthermore Gilliebc, on near modern day “serfs”, did you see this programme on friday night, repeated last night, on beeb 2?
    Reminds me of what my grandmother told me on her experiences in service in the 1920’s from fourteen until she was twenty-one. And the obviously well intelligent lady in it that spent her whole life in service to the posh, and never married? That is some sort of class eugenics, isn’t it? Glad my grandmother got out of it, otherwise I won’t be here now!

  • Michele

    Exactly what is wrong with borrowing ‘money to buy goods off the Chinese’?
    If we borrow money to buy goods from anywhere (including domestically) what makes it different (apparently worse in your opinion) if we do so to buy from China or anywhere else in the less-developed parts of the world?
    Do you not want to be part of the generation or the century that help level-up the world Col Blimp?

    Some countries have been way ‘behind us’ in terms of development, this was down to few of us even knowing about each others’ existence, knowing nothing about quality of life elsewhere.
    We know more about those things now so ffs give up already about the selfish automaton pretence that we can or we should maintain a ‘lead’.

    We can’t keep our back turned on quality of life being as it is in so many places so your auto-pilot version of a bleeding heart cuts no ice.
    Making love has to be possible without a child resulting and the cynical sickening suspicion (elsewhere here, not from you) about the Gates Foundation’s funding of birth control (wherever) is stupid.

    The population of India has more than doubled in just the last 40yrs. That doubling is from the poor, not the better off or the educated (while the aborting of girls is, to the extent that a girl’s dowry might now be human! – sisters or girl cousins to marry new hubby’s lonesome brothers).

    Don’t try seizing moral high ground about my concern for people under a Govt that think baby-naming matters as a demonstration TO the West.

  • Michele

    I like that it’s not frenetic.
    Tweetfeed should (and seems to be used to) give clues about tightness of schedule.

    Tooooooooodle ooh 🙂

  • Gilliebc

    For them Ehtch, i.e. the elite, it is all about eugenics. e.g. The inter-breeding Darwin, Galton and Wedgewood families, to name just three. There are several others also. This is all well documented. It occurs to me Huw, that you could well be interested in the web-site of a man named Alan Watt (not to be confused with the late Alan Watts) His web-site is You may of course already know of him? I ‘discovered’ him about a year ago. He is a somewhat dour Scotsman, now living in Canada. He is very knowledgeable about the past and about how we got to our present day situation. He does a radio show too, which get onto YT within 24 hours usually. They are well worth a listen imo. He’s done some videos too, also on YT.

  • Gilliebc

    @Ehtch:disqus Further to my post of a few minutes ago,
    if you are as yet unfamiliar with the work of Alan Watt, this recording of his radio show now on YT is a very good place to start. Alan Watt (26th Sept 2012) ……..
    Regarding what you said/wrote about ‘serfs’ my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather were both in ‘service’ the former was in service as a nanny in a big house with umpteen other staff. The latter worked for the Royal family, though he didn’t actually work in Buck House. The impression I got is that if they, the servants ‘knew their place’ and did their jobs well, then on the whole they were treated very well. However, one step out of line, they were out on their ears. Most people think things are different now – but just scratch the surface – nothing much has really changed.

  • reaguns

    Only one bit I want to respond to, you ask what is wrong with us borrowing money to buy goods from China – what is wrong with it is:
    1. That it causes debt, which is bad for its own sake ie future generations will have to be taxed more or have their wages/savings devalued/inflated to pay for it.
    2. It causes unemployment. Despite what commentators would have you believe, we have loads of demand in our economy, but we get a lot of it satisfied from China. If we were selling them stuff and they were selling us stuff to an equal level, or if we were selling them more, that would be fine, in fact it would be great. But at present they sell us more than we sell them – we can only achieve this by borrowing money. If we didn’t borrow, we’d still have the demand for the products, but we would either have to make and sell things in exchange, which would create UK jobs, or we’d have to make those products ourselves, which would create UK jobs.
    Borrowing is ok if a country or an individual is borrowing to make capital investments, ie borrowing to buy things which will then earn money, ie if you borrow to buy a chip van, a JCB, or a university education thats fine, or factory equipment. Borrowing to spend and consume is not fine.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Gillebc, will look it up – sounds right up my street. And I like Canadians, even naturalised ones – they tend to say it straight, and a bit less whoop-whoop than their neighbours, which is nice. : )

    One of my godmothers lived in Canada, a place called Elliot Lake, in state ummm, hold on, have look it up… that’s it Ontario, not far from Lake Huron. They happened to be over that summer I got christened – her and my father’s family lived on the same farm in Wales when young.

  • Anonymous

    MSM has many meanings, but the context here is “mainstream media”. Also means “Men Seeking Men”, but that is another story Michele! : )

    Link to acronym, with it’s several, some bizarre, internet innerspace meanings,

  • Anonymous

    Calm down Michele! I am talking about Norman Lords, from about 800 years ago, before the Magna Carta…. honest…

    And anyway, what is a few days before sixteen? Underage prostitution is the real problem, not really this episode of “lurve”.

  • Anonymous

    Highlights from Veneto, Italia, have just been posted by the beeb scrumv here. Still think we wos robbed, but I am a bad loser after all, I would even blame that the grass was too green, if I am stuck for an excuse.

    Heard it was rub chin with Burnley too yesterday, Alastair, to again state the bleeding obvious. And Swans are nosediving, they need to sort their shite out, and quick!

  • Gilliebc

    Main Stream Media.

  • Michele

    Given that I’m pretty sure you would not want bare, honestly named foreign aid going to China (and very little from us ever has), then if human you have to ‘allow for’ trade, allow for peoples becoming truly independent and funding/choosing how to progress.
    The argument against that can’t be about BoT, equalities have to be more important that national accounts and the strong vs the week and Christine Lagarde quivering and causing Peston to blush and giggle like a teenager 🙂
    It’s far from being ideal yet in China, HRs being as undeveloped as they are but things won’t improve without their being able to pay their way in the world. They are also buying in …. colossal amounts of our luxury goods.

    You can’t prefer that China be back at the under-developed state it was while all that they made pre-mid 90s was labelled ‘made in HK’ and deemed kind-of British.
    I’m not surprised you don’t want to take on the bit about population control btw; countries that tried other methods than China’s, but around the same time, have found themselves now with completely different but awful demographic problems.

    However, bye for another while 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Suppose I could say me and my grandmother were close, well, very close, and her experiences in life, I felt and could see, were affecting her, when I came along when her 51.

    Great love I suppose you could call it, unlike what I had with my star crossed mother, but that is life. When she came to stay to look after my brother and I, sleeping in the opposite single bed of my bedroom, undressed as it meant nothing, as with her younger year younger brother when young. But used to break my heart hearing her sleeping with lungs weezing during the night, sleeping semi-upright to help breath. She brought me a flannel when I was hopless at getting up and awake in the morning, cups of tea, everything.

    Ah well, that’s life, I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    furthermore, let me lift the mood, since I think it was too wotsit there. Gran, aka wotsername, you know her, umm, get it in a sec luv, that is her, bleeding Catherine Wotsername – knew I would get it eventually,

    It’s an emotional wall love, don’t worry about me, praap. Wot you say???

  • Anonymous

    Gilliebc, couldn’t remember last night how she spelled her name, my godmother, just asked my dad, and it was Myra.

    Will have to try and get in contact with her daughter again – it has been too many years, about fifteen.

  • Anonymous

    And notice Michele I never once mentioned Saville, but I suppose I have now, which has already kicked off, which is going to take off bigstyle this week, it looks.

    Red faces at the beeb and everything, especially Esther Ranzen and her childline! Same?

    And Jimmy when he said “it is the age of the train”, wonder what train he had in mind!

    Feel free to complain, again, Michele. : )

    And I am not going to mention about when I got chatted up my this beeb exec in that bar upstairs of Paddington Station, or have I… : ) That was quite amusing, him eventually going up a cul-de-sac, non-sex-like. I could see him coming. I am cruel at times, but I always have attracted them sorts, not that is if there is anything wrong with that, not telling their wives and things. Just he was barking up the wrong tree, that is all, and I was just trying to be friendly, and not looking for a reach-around… : )))

  • Anonymous

    This is good Alastair, again from welsh beeb scrumv, best tries from September in the Rabodirect and welsh premiership, with interesting gaelic, and of course welsh, commentry included,

    Tidy stuff, as Kinnock would no doubt say, who I have spotted today in the crowd on BBC Parliament Labour conference coverage.

  • Anonymous

    ACH, might as well post Nan on that gormless gameshow, Deal or no fucking Deal, with that even more gormless pied piper, Noel bleeding Edmunds. What a shower of shite this gameshow is, but I suppose it keeps people off the streets, Madrid and Athens like…


  • Anonymous

    Talking about cul-de-sacs, this film is brilliant, directed by Roman Polanski(!), set in the north-east of England on Holy Island of all places, bizarrely. That tidy looking brit actress Jacqueline Bisset first film role in it somewhere, mmm, with those cheekbones you could cut cheese with, and those glacial blue eyes, mmmm.

    Brilliant film it is, called coincidentally Cul-de-Sac, made in 1966, when Labour won the World Cup in footie for England. : )

  • Anonymous

    This bloke that did the animation above years ago is coining it these days, in animation, with ads on telly mainly. He is talented, in all ways, you might notice, getting to the point.

    You might have come across his Weebls online, if you have the imagination to look for it, that is. Here is a sample of his Weebl, with his small mate,

    The fella is going far, gone far already, coining it with his talent. Nice to see. Quite left-field coming he is, in adland speak.

    Hope that certain store takes it in good humour…… : )

  • Anonymous

    As Alf found out when he was there, when Labour won the footie World Cup for England, to his personal consternation,

    And Alf, taking his new born son to the ‘ammers home game, to the fucking consternation of his daughter, mate,


    Got to say Alastair, that is the best quality film clips of 1966 in this Alf movie available, at that Wembley then.

  • Anonymous

    oops, sorry Alastair, seems I have frightened Gilliebc and Michele away, they seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

    Us men ey, and our sense of humour? Or is it me? Could very well be!!

  • Anonymous

    Or of course, they are in Manchester as we speak – yes, that is it, hopefully…..

  • reaguns

    Didn’t know you replied. China can do everything you just said… without us borrowing money to buy from it. In actual fact my ideas would improve things for us and the chinese. Due to our borrowing and their currency peg, well off people here are borrowing to buy things that hard working people in china can’t afford. China needs to allow her currency to rise, then she can buy more of her own products, her people’s standards of living can improve, and we’ll get more jobs. But china fears social unrest as this adjustment takes place. It also has vested producer interests just like us, except that the Chinese Len McCluskeys are a hell of a lot shrewder.Take place it will however.
    Whats to say on population control, I believe in freedom, I do not believe in eugenics or one child policies in any circumstance. Education and female emancipation have proven the best ways of lowering birth rates, when educated people can make their own choices.