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Why I chose my ten favourite twitterers

Posted on 21 March 2013 | 9:03am

I was asked by twitter to give them a message for their seventh ‘birthday’ and select my ten favourite twitterers.

My message for twitter is ‘I like twitter because it enables people to create their own media landscape. I hope it does not become too commercial.’ And here are my top ten, as just tweeted, with a short explanation for each one.

@optajoe – because I love football stats
@joey7barton – because not all footballers are boring
@johnprescott – the last generation of MP showing this
generation how to do it
@nomorepage3 – good campaign and it is going to win
@queen_hm – my favorite spoof
@kingswing72 – Elvis is Labour
@blairsupporter – relentless rebuttal of a lot of the ongoing bile re TB
@timetochange – slowly helping change people’s attitudes to mental illness
@guardiannews – quick with links
@schooltruth because she’d kill me if I didn’t (and because she is brilliant at debunking Goveology and promoting State schools)
Lots of other people were asked to list theirs and you can see their choices here.
  • Anonymous

    Nice selection, even if some are indoors family life political diplomatic. : )

    Wonder if Twitter will change the way we express ourselves in the english speaking life, with words shortened to a couple of consonants or so. Is Twitter thinking of increasing it from 140 characters. A couple of years ago youtubby caught the disease and resticts comments to 500 characters, but I think that is enough, since limits the available space to eff and blind.

  • Ahh, thank you so much, Alastair. Not sure if this means, as John Rentoul suggests, that my life’s work is done. What would he do if “WFWHF” (we few, we happy few) were reduced by such a large percentage ;0)

  • Anonymous

    Bollox to it, a song for Grace and Fiona and grandmother, from Wales, via Germany, and Osterterich.

  • Anonymous

    Alright Alastair? We have these days of dark sudden, as it goes, suddenly. And posting comments out there does help, out of the outside of local villages of our lived life. Always wanted to meet Roger Waters for instance, one that has a streak of black dog naturally born, who lost his dad in the ’44 Anzio landings in Italia. moving up from North Africa. Maybe one day. Maybe yourself too, to pass our simple these days time of day. Roger’s film, a clip, a must watch, every few years, I think such, such born streaked black,

  • Anonymous

    Oops, forgot to mention that last Saturday was well interesting Alastair, you could say – it was for us welsh, stained well red, you could say. 30-3, amazing stuff.

    Cuthbert and his two tries here – he rides horses you know on his days off, English ladies.. : )

  • Anonymous

    Might as well be clean about my family, have daughter Siân 22 still working on that bridge in Sydney stunningly for me at the moment, and my niece from my brother Lily 14 this virgo this year, just as mad as us all.

    Song for Lily and Siân – Lily makes fun of me when she see’s me, she literally kicks me up the arse and tells me, UNCLE HUW, don’t be so fecking miserable, or words to that affect. Song for them both, from me, a dad and Uncle Huw,

  • Anonymous

    Bumped into Madge once on Oxford Street once, and we passed the time of day. Alwaysed liked Madge, and she really didn’t mind talking to me – lovely lady.