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Veto could make or break Cameron. fact it came from tactics not strategy means break more likely

Posted on 9 December 2011 | 3:12pm

With thanks to my favourite Elvis impersonator, Mark Wright aka@kingswimg72, I bring you his excellent tweet in response to mine asking the question ‘how many of our most important decisions do we make at 4am?’ ‘4am is time partners get drunk, argue and break up. The following morning they have to break it to the […]

Ideology is coming ahead of analysis for Osborne and Cameron tags along with it

Posted on 2 December 2011 | 8:12am

I have not mentioned anywhere the attention-seeking, abusive and offensive remarks of a well-known TV presenter about strikers. He was on the TV at the time ‘to launch a new DVD’ so the abusiveness and offensiveness were deliberate and the means of attention-seeking. His publicist will on balance be happy, the DVD will sell well, […]

Go online for the full Leveson story

Posted on 24 November 2011 | 12:11pm

As part of my new regime – lost 17 pounds in seven weeks, for which I was surprised to get a round of applause at an awards dinner I hosted last night – I now try to walk at least one journey per day that I would otherwise go by car, taxi, tube or bus. […]

Letter to a friend, and a report of Philip Gould’s funeral

Posted on 16 November 2011 | 9:11am

If anyone has had enough of my tributes to Philip Gould, I will not be offended if you surf immediately to another website. But I feel I should say something about his funeral yesterday, where a packed All Saints church in London W1 said farewell to one of the key architects of New Labour, and […]

RIP Alan Keen MP, a real football man in the corridors of power

Posted on 14 November 2011 | 9:11am

Another sad death in the political world today, with the news of the passing of the Labour MP for Feltham and Heston, Alan Keen. I first got to know Alan when he and his wife Ann, also an MP, were part of the close circle of friends around Neil and Glenys Kinnock when Neil was […]

Cameron and Osborne could do worse than call in Brown and Darling for a private chat

Posted on 10 November 2011 | 6:11am

I was speaking at a dinner last night to businessmen and women who know a lot more about how the economy works than I do. So I was a bit alarmed to see how many were nodding along when I suggested that what was happening in the eurozone was, frankly, downright scary. Most situations described […]

Philip Gould, the best listener in politics

Posted on 8 November 2011 | 8:11am

With thanks to The Guardian for asking me to pen a tribute to Philip for today’s paper, and thanks also for the headline, below is the piece I wrote. Yesterday was a pretty wretched day for his many friends, but the reactions of so many people to his passing were wonderful, and brought a lot […]

It is Philip Gould the friend and the positive life force I mourn today

Posted on 7 November 2011 | 8:11am

Even when he entered what he called ‘the death zone’, Philip Gould brought hope and happiness to others – not accidentally, but deliberately, as one of his final, and selfless, acts of strategy. He was constantly asking himself not just how to make things easier for his wife Gail, and their daughters Georgia and Grace, […]

With crisis seemingly averted for now, Europe’s leaders need to explain the issues better

Posted on 27 October 2011 | 8:10am

The mood music out of the eurozone crisis summit was pretty good, the reactions not bad, and so the sense is of disaster averted. The problem is that further difficult steps now have to be taken, and what happens when they are is far from certain. Europe’s leaders have laid down what should happen, but […]

Ian Holloway and Paddy Harverson popular winners at PR awards

Posted on 26 October 2011 | 4:10am

To the PR Week awards last night, to present 31 trophies, the first of which received one of the loudest cheers of the night. Some of the judges were worried that their peers would not quite understand why football manager Ian Holloway was being so honoured – indeed Mr Holloway himself felt the same – […]