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Special relationship not very special film

Posted on 18 September 2010 | 8:09am

‘The Special Relationship’ goes out tonight, and in the build-up publicity, the promoters, as with The Deal and The Queen, have been keen to talk up how much research they did, and therefore how historically accurate it is. I would love to see the ‘research’ papers. As it’s going out on BBC2, perhaps someone could […]

Well done Tricycle theatre, and watch out Nick Clegg

Posted on 18 July 2010 | 3:07am

To the Tricycle theatre in Kilburn last night to see no fewer than nine plays under the banner ‘Women, Power and Politics’. It was the final night, so unless someone decides to invest in taking them to the West End or around the country, if you have not already been, you may have missed the boat. Pity, because […]

In Berlin: on football fever and Cleggmania RIP

Posted on 24 June 2010 | 3:06pm

Breakfast in London, lunch in Berlin, so a chance to read the Fussball-mood now that England and Germany are drawn together in the last 16 of the World Cup. On yesterday’s outings, you would have to give it to Germany if football was the only judgement. Their win over  Ghana was one of the fastest, […]

Great time at Grassington but things could get sticky for Clegg

Posted on 16 June 2010 | 1:06pm

Had a very nice evening at the Grassington Festival. Lovely little place, home of the legendary Calendar Girls, and surrounded by some of the most fabulous scenery on earth. For a small place, they put on a terrific festival of arts and music. Good crowd last night, market forces failed in that the organisers sold […]

Making Hay while the sun shines

Posted on 5 June 2010 | 11:06am

I was slightly dreading my session at the Hay Festival last night. Such a long way to go (Wales, and the part of Wales that is motorwayphobic). Plus I was expecting the massed ranks of anti-war, anti-‘spin’ Guardianistas, like a Lib Dem conference in the days before they realised politics is about the pursuit of […]

Hoovergate – the rebuttal amid hope of Labour win

Posted on 2 March 2010 | 1:03pm

I find myself once again in the position of having to rebut the accusations of my partner. No, this is not some kind of John Terry/Wayne Bridge drama about to unfold before your eyes, but a response to the sheeer volume of items on twitter re my domestic uselessness. Not satisfied with revealing said DU […]

At least Britney knows what she is singing about

Posted on 1 March 2010 | 10:03am

Sketchwriter Matthew Engel gets all the big gigs. He was the one who outed me as a Britney fan when I felt a tap on my shoulder as she shimmied on stage at Wembley, and Mr Engel was there, to say he was ‘doing a piece on Britney crowds’ and would I like to say […]

Kseniya Simonova’s got talent

Posted on 27 February 2010 | 9:02pm

Every so often someone sends you one of those ‘you must see this’ video clips which you’re really glad you didn’t immediately consign to the electronic dustbin.  One such arrived in my inbox yesterday, and though eight minutes is a long time to be taking a punt on someone’s assumptions about how I like to […]

How twitter is changing balance of power in film indsutry

Posted on 18 February 2010 | 12:02pm

Movie industry marketing men, provided they had an A list cast and a big advertising budget, were once guaranteed a minimum of three days’ major takings at the box office. The sheer weight of such a campaign would guarantee busy cinemas on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of release. Through the week, word of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day. My present to you is Jacques Brel

Posted on 14 February 2010 | 12:02pm

First of all, thank you to everyone who has sent me Valentine’s Day messages and cards on Facebook. As I tweeted earlier this morning, it must be all the nice press I get that makes me so popular and loved. So what can I give in return? Answer … the lyrics, first in French and then my amateur […]