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Not sexist to say there are more exceptional men than women

Posted on 23 September 2010 | 10:09am

I did a speech last night listing my 12 most exceptional people around today. Only two women among them. Sexist, said some. Not so, say I.

Fancy a night out with Kevin Spacey?

Posted on 6 September 2010 | 9:09am

 If so, check your diary and go to I promise, as someone who has enjoyed a few nights out with Kevin Spacey, that you won’t regret the investment. What’s more, you will be helping a great cause, namely Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Charities are having to fight harder and harder to fund their programmes, and we rely […]

Buy All In The Mind and raise cash for mental health campaigns

Posted on 27 July 2010 | 2:07am

In the run-up to the election we sold several hundred signed copies of The Blair Years via the website, with half the proceeds going to the Labour Party. Now I want to do something similar with my first novel, All In The Mind, about a psychiatrist and his patients. But this time the proceeds are […]

Despite Olympian spin, Tories not home and dry on economic argument

Posted on 15 June 2010 | 9:06am

For reasons I may dilvuge at a later date, I didn’t have time to do a blog yesterday, and today I have just a few minutes before going out to complete the BBC Lifeline Appeal film on behalf of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research; then off to Grassington in Yorkshire for their annual festival where I […]

Even at Queen’s, I’m thinking big ideas for George and Danny

Posted on 11 June 2010 | 7:06pm

Dear George and Danny, Apologies for being a bit late in the day with this but what with the World Cup and a trip to Queen’s to see the big guys fall, sport came ahead of my attempts to help you cut public spending. However, as luck would have it, and as I am always […]

London Marathon the best of British

Posted on 10 April 2010 | 12:04pm

An election free blog! How’s that for variety? Oh ok, the Tories’ plans on National Insurance Contributions are unravelling, and Brown and Darling have more economic credibility in their eyebrows than Cameron and Osborne possess in the entirety of their Bullingdon brains. But that is all I am saying on the election. Vote Labour to […]

Cameron uncut – message matters more than money

Posted on 5 April 2010 | 11:04am

As people weigh up the relative experience of the party leaders, it is worth remembering that after Eton and Bullingdon College Oxford, David Cameron’s experience has been as an advisor to Black Wednesday Chancellor Norman Lamont and a spin doctor to a TV station. I will spare the Tories on here the need to ask […]

The 25th Hour

Posted on 2 April 2010 | 11:04am

The image of Britain presented by the Tories is of a country of wrecked communities filled with feckless individuals and all of it is the fault of the Labour government. One of the best rebuttals of their broken Britain nonsense is the growing culture of volunteering, which will build and build towards one of the […]

Support the Street Kids World Cup

Posted on 15 March 2010 | 11:03am

A few months ago I wrote about a fundraiser I did with Jamie Redknapp, Eduardo and Simon Mayo to raise money for the Deloitte Street Child World Cup in South Africa. I return to the subject today because in a few hours’ time the tournament kicks off when the host nation takes on India. To get a flavour […]

On football and morality

Posted on 10 March 2010 | 4:03pm