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Honouring the power of sport to do good

Posted on 29 June 2009 | 2:06pm

  Off to a celebration of Henry Hodge’s life later today, so I may have a few words to say about that later – like if you haven’t already, please make a donation to; and please accept my apologies that the justgiving site has been a nightmare since we set up the page the […]

Two nice surprises, sad end to day

Posted on 26 June 2009 | 9:06am

Two nice surprises yesterday, three if you include the speed with which The Spectator backed down and apologised, as per yesterday’s blog. First, speaking at a conference I fully expected to be a bit of a drag, but really enjoying it. Second, bumping into someone on the train back – most of you will know (of) […]

Thank you to three readers, now please get involved

Posted on 19 June 2009 | 9:06am

This blog comes courtesy of three readers of previous blogs, whose ideas will hopefully spark debate and involvement from others. First, thanks to Jane Appleton who had the idea of trying to make ‘Facebook friends of AC’ one of the fifty £50k donors to Leukaemia Research for the charity’s fiftieth anniversary.We launched this yesterday in honour […]

A tribute to a lovely man

Posted on 18 June 2009 | 5:06pm

I make no apology for renewing so soon the appeal I made here yesterday for donations towards Leukaemia Research’s Big 5-0 campaign, in which we are trying to get fifty donations of fifty thousand pounds to celebrate the charity’s fiftieth anniversary next year. If you remember, I said at the end of the blog about […]

A plea for five-figure cyber-donations

Posted on 17 June 2009 | 7:06am

I am determined to get my first big cyber-donation for Leukaemia Research, so please pass this among any rich friends and relatives you think might have a spare fifty grand, or any businesses who are doing ok despite the recession and looking for new Corporate Social Responsibility schemes. Then I will get them along to the kind […]

On two inquiries

Posted on 16 June 2009 | 8:06am

What with the extraordinary events unfolding in Iran, and the announcement of the inquiry into the war in Iraq, there was no room on the main news last night for the case of Christine Laird, who was accused of lying about her history of depression when she applied for a job with Cheltenham Borough Council. […]

They got their kit off – so you get your cash out

Posted on 14 May 2009 | 7:05am

(… and if you read to the end, you might win something) So come on, be honest, how many of you have changed your charitable giving habits since the recession began? Judging by the waves of people rushing past the tin-rattlers I saw at Euston yesterday, plenty of you. We hear lots of business people […]

Of Benn and Bono

Posted on 2 April 2009 | 8:04am

Tony Benn said yesterday  that almost all progress starts on the streets, and that the people at the top are usually the last to get the message. Tony and I disagree about a few things, not least on the neccessity of changes that had to be made to the Labour Party, to escape the futility […]

Why Kevin Rudd made an impact

Posted on 30 March 2009 | 10:03am

To a party last night, to celebrate a friend’s continuing defeat of cancer, at which no fewer than four people – two political, two not – spontaneously mentioned Australian Prime Mininster Kevin Rudd’s interview on yesterday’s Andrew Marr programme. As I had mentioned it myself on yesterday’s blog, commenting on his excellent tone and his […]

Charity and the credit crunch, please give generously!

Posted on 26 February 2009 | 8:02am

I’m off to a meeting this morning with Cathy Gilman, chief executive of Leukaemia Research, to review the charity’s plans for our fiftieth anniversary next year. Every organisation has a history but I think ours is particularly symbolic of the role charity plays in British culture. It started literally with one child’s death almost sixty […]