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A blog on why I’ve not been blogging plus random observations

Posted on 4 July 2010 | 5:07am

I’m speaking at a conference on ICT and education tomorrow, and was invited because the organisers saw me as ‘a leader’ no less in the embracing of all the new techology stuff. Truth be told, I am still pretty ice age compared with a lot of people, but I do give it a go. However, I […]

Time for all the Labour contenders to pile in

Posted on 21 June 2010 | 12:06pm

When John Major put himself up for re-election as Tory leader, whilst still a serving PM, it was on one hand an act of desperation, but on the other a chance for him and his Party to show they had a bit of fight left in them. As Prelude to Power records, TB and I […]

All the best to Tory MP David Ruffley

Posted on 20 June 2010 | 5:06pm

When Iain Dale interviewed me for his Total Politics magazine interview, he asked me, with my mental health campaigning hat on, whether I was surprised no MPs had committed suicide over the expenses furore. I avoided the question, perhaps remembering the mild opprobrium that fell upon the head of Tory MP Nadine Dorries, not least […]

An everyday tale of modern journalism, plus All-Time Premier League team

Posted on 6 June 2010 | 11:06am

First of all, thanks to the Independent on Sunday for devoting two pages to an interview pegged to the publication of Prelude to Power, which also mentions (and has pictures of the front covers of) All In The Mind and Maya, my two novels. But … and I think journalists know me well enough to know […]

All alone in my own BBC studio

Posted on 3 June 2010 | 2:06pm

OMG, as the yoof says, if they (the BBC top brass of course) could see me now .. all alone in a BBC studio, sitting at a BBC computer, eating a BBC tuna melt. They’re very trusting these BBC people — I reckon if I twiddled enough of the hundreds of knobs in the vicinity, I […]

And the winner is …

Posted on 1 June 2010 | 10:06am

And so, on this the day of publication of Prelude to Power, volume 1 of the AC diaries, covering 1994-1997, I bring you the news you have all being waiting for – the winner of the #neverhappendedunderlabour competition launched here yesterday. First of all, may I thank those who persuaded me to do a hashtag, […]

Cameron/Clegg will be regretting their expenses sanctimoniousness

Posted on 30 May 2010 | 10:05am

Am about to leave for the Beeb to do my first broadcast interview on Prelude to Power, with Jon Sopel on The Politics Show. So just a quick word or two on the David Laws fallout. As I tweeted last night, I feel some personal sympathy for Laws, (which didn’t go down well with my […]

I fear Laws will be victim of Cameron ruthless streak

Posted on 29 May 2010 | 11:05am

I was rather hoping that we’d heard the last about MPs expenses. The election, and the huge influx of new members, alongside the new mood of ‘new politics,’ was a good break point. So as well as being personally and politically difficult for David Laws and David Cameron, the revelations of the chief secretary’s expenses payback […]

Time to Change Street-Porter’s silly but prejudice-reinforcing views on depression

Posted on 21 May 2010 | 12:05pm

Last week, in the – where else? – Mail, Janet Street-Porter wrote a piece suggesting depression was like the latest must have fashion accessory. The Daily Mirror today kindly gave me the space, as Mind Champion of the Year and a supporter of the Time to Change campaign, to reply to her ill-informed, silly and prejudice-reinforcing article. The […]

Random House announce publication plans of AC diaries

Posted on 12 May 2010 | 5:05pm

I thought you might be interested in the release going out from Random House this afternoon about my diaries. They also have pictures of the covers but I am useless at getting pictures up here without my trusty website expert  who is too depressed about the Cameron-Clegg love-in to work! I’m sure someone will find […]