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If Cameron panders to the Tory right now, he is finished

Posted on 6 May 2012 | 10:05am

I have been around long enough to know it is unwise to believe everything you read in the the Sunday papers, but the whiff of U-turn in the Tory air has a credible aroma to it. One word for David Cameron on this … don’t. If it is true that he is dropping the Bill […]

Boris win a boost for Cameron – I don’t think so

Posted on 5 May 2012 | 11:05am

It is remarkable how slowly the media moves from a pre-ordained narrative that turns out to be wrong. Boris Johnson having failed to win anything like the support being predicted for him, the win over Ken Livingstone is being seen both as a big step towards Boris being the next Tory leader, and a rare […]

Game on, and if Tories think this is about communications, the game is definitely winnable for Labour

Posted on 4 May 2012 | 9:05am

I hope someone at Tory Central Office is minting a medal for Michael Fallon, the MP who so gamely trots from studio to studio defending whatever Cameron-Osborne shambles happens to be trending at the time. But last night, as he sat with others waiting for election results to come in, there came a little sign […]

A plan for the government to save money and reclaim ‘all in this together’ – performance-related pay

Posted on 1 May 2012 | 7:05am

In its latest morale-destroying assault on State school teachers (a breed not terribly well-acquainted with the current Cabinet) ministers are considering performance-related pay for them. Perhaps if they go ahead with this, they could see it as a pilot for a similar system for ministers. At the current level of performance, this could lead to […]

Cameron and Osborne should heed Alistair Darling’s advice

Posted on 28 April 2012 | 5:04pm

I don’t suppose the two arrogant unapologetic posh boys who don’t know the price of milk (copyright Nadine Dorries) would ever listen to Alistair Darling. But they could do worse. Writing in the FT today, Labour’s last Chancellor sets out his ideas for how his successor George Osborne might get the economy going, including investment […]

Backlash on charitable giving latest sign Budget was not thought through

Posted on 11 April 2012 | 8:04am

It was on April 1 (apologies for inability to cut and paste links on the iPad but nobody has taught me yet!) that I suggested we should ‘watch out for a backlash on charitable and philanthropic giving.’ At the time, the debate was focusing on pasties and the so-called granny tax, but it was a […]

On twitter etiquette – and why Tories would be wise to reveal all quickly re funding and access, right and wrong

Posted on 26 March 2012 | 12:03pm

I enjoyed meeting the comedian Dave Gorman on Andrew Neil’s This Week programme, when he led a discussion on the etiquette of twitter. One of the points he made was that when something happens which is deemed to be big news among the twitterati, people with a lot of followers after a while get asked […]

The politics of the Budget are clear – and the holes are becoming clearer too

Posted on 21 March 2012 | 2:03pm

If the frontbench had accepted Ed Miliband’s invitation to raise their hands if they were going to be better off as a result of the Budget, we’d have seen an awful lot of fingers in the air. I understand why instead they squirmed and, in George Osborne’s case, sank a little deeper into the green […]

There could be many more Inequality Moments this week

Posted on 20 March 2012 | 9:03am

I am due to be sitting on the This Week sofa with Michael Portillo on Thursday, when doubtless post-Budget discussion will dominate. As regular viewers will know, the show kicks off with Andrew Neil asking Michael and his fellow close-up sofa-occupant for their ‘moment of the week’. This week’s will probably emerge from tomorrow, but […]

The public won’t swallow Osborne’s line as easily as the media do

Posted on 19 March 2012 | 10:03am

Half way through George Osborne’s BBC interview with Andrew Marr yesterday, I got a bit bored and tweeted that there seemed little purpose to the interview other than to remind people of two things we already know – that we have a coalition government, and that the Budget is on Wednesday. This was, I now […]