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Business chiefs attack govt growth plans as Osborne prepares to reward tax avoiders

Posted on 16 March 2012 | 8:03am

Am rushing out in a minute but just wanted to post an extract from this morning’s Labour Party media monitoring brief, which they still kindly send me by email every morning. It is self-explanatory. And just because one of the ‘business chiefs’ in the headline is a banker, and a RBS banker to boot, doesn’t […]

The lack of a proper inquiry into banking catastrophe seems odder by the day

Posted on 21 February 2012 | 8:02am

Am I missing something here? Am I the only one – with the exception I hear of Tory MP David Ruffley – who thinks there should be a full public inquiry into the banking catastrophe? The thought came to me last night – to be honest it is never far away – watching Newsnight’s reporting […]

Credit rating agencies must be covered by banking crisis inquiry (if only there was one)

Posted on 14 February 2012 | 9:02am

Having ranted and raved (moderately) whenever credit rating agencies have delivered their Deus Ex Cathedra pronouncements on other European economies, I intend to do so again now that they have turned their attention to Britain. They, this time, are Moody’s, though they might as well be Standard and Poor, or any of the others who […]

Another call for full inquiry into banking catastrophe – it will have to happen so Dave may as well do now

Posted on 3 February 2012 | 9:02am

I was pleased that Gillian Tett of the Financial Times backed the call  I made for a Chilcot/Leveson style inquiry into the banking disaster when we appeared on This Week last night. When Andrew Neil asked for a ‘yes/no’ answer to the question whether Sir Fred Goodwin should have lost his knighthood, Michael Portillo got […]

So Sir Fred loses his K? So what? Is that to be the only reckoning of the banking disaster?

Posted on 1 February 2012 | 3:02pm

I’m not sure what to make of this Sir and now not so Sir Fred Goodwin. He was clearly up to all sorts that he shouldn’t have been and RBS became a disaster area under his tenure, for which we are all still paying a price. But it wasn’t the only disaster area. And he […]

At long last Europe’s leaders realise youth unemployment has to be top of the agenda

Posted on 29 January 2012 | 12:01pm

Endlich, enfin, AT BLOODY LAST … Europe’s leaders are starting to realise that they might have to do something beyond enjoying the scenery in Davos to address the problem of youth unemployment. This morning’s Observer leads on the raising of jobs and the young to the top of the agenda for the upcoming EU summit. […]

Leveson could take a look at how benefits debate works against truth, and so harms policy and people

Posted on 24 January 2012 | 9:01am

The airwaves filled up nicely for the government yesterday, backed by constant use of rag headlines from rag right-wing papers, with the line that most struggling families would be ‘happy’ with £35000 a year. And so they might. But the members of those ‘most families’ eagerly found by TV reporters to agree with the government’s […]

Weird agreements break out on The Big Questions, and with Joey Barton

Posted on 22 January 2012 | 12:01pm

Despite feeling like death warmed up on waking – am on antibiotics for a chest infection and anti-depressants for Le Chien Noir – I enjoyed the BBC Big Questions debate. I know Nicky – no relation – Campbell inspires mixed views, but I think he holds the ring in live, and lively debates, really well. […]

A gentle sob at the Tory Big Lie; and grumblings from business re procurement not keeping up with change

Posted on 19 January 2012 | 3:01pm

To a conference of software suppliers organised by Opentext, where ex civil servant Jonathan Portes and I were the keynote speakers. Jonathan now runs the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and gave a relatively upbeat assessment (I emphasise the relatively) of the economic future. Among his graphs was one which had the Labour […]

Blue Monday may be a PR nonsense, but it’s another chance to talk about mental health discrimination

Posted on 16 January 2012 | 10:01am

Part of me hates the Blue Monday thing. Another part of me thinks that anything that gets people talking about mental illness is a good thing. And on Blue Monday (today or next Monday depending on how you calculate it) people certainly talk about it, albeit often in a fairly superficial way. Blue Monday, I […]