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I wonder if my challenging student knows better than Osborne re benefit cuts

Posted on 5 October 2010 | 7:10am

As George Osborne was speaking to the Tory conference, I was heading for my second lesson with 20 youngsters who have gone through the education system without much success. Their homework had been to come up with ideas for campaigns, things they wanted to change or fight for in the world around them. Some of […]

A fascinating day with ‘challenging’ kids

Posted on 2 October 2010 | 7:10am

Had a fascinating time yesterday, my first day as part of an education experiment. I was teaching a group of ‘challenging’ teenagers who have gone through the school system without overly troubling the GCSE scorers, and who have been brought together to see whether ‘inspiring, passionate, achieving’ people (why thank you experiment organisers) can turn […]

State schools improving as private schools fall shock horror

Posted on 27 August 2010 | 12:08pm

When it comes to reporting exam results, editors do not let the facts get in the way of stories to justify their own (private) choices. But the truth is State schools are improving and private schools, despite the massive advantages, are not.

For Lansley, the hard part is still to come

Posted on 13 July 2010 | 1:07am

As the World Cup withdrawal symptoms abate (hugely helped by that abomination of a Final, over which the Dutch should stop whingeing about the ref and go kick someone their own size) I tuned into Newsnight and was pleasantly surprised by the depth and nature of the debate on the Tories’ health reforms. I say […]

On Piers Morgan’s wedding, education, Moat, Iraq, celebocracy and Dacre being a wimp

Posted on 11 July 2010 | 3:07am

Apart from lots of journos who send their kids to private schools doing their best to suggest Michael Gove’s cocks-up are not too serious, and David Cameron being ‘terrified’ of London state comprehensives (all part of paving the way for his ‘free schools’ nonsense),the continuing wall-to-wall coverage of Moat-hunt, and the odd (I mean odd) […]

Hapless is one of those words it is hard to shake off, Michael

Posted on 9 July 2010 | 2:07am

Michael Gove cut a rather sad figure with Apology Number 1, in the House of Commons, and an even sadder one with Apology Number 2, at a local government conference where he looked lonely on stage, and the normal liveliness had vanished from his effervescent Scottish tones. The conference was just unlucky timing, coming directly after […]

Gove’s schoool cuts are madness, and Clegg’s Camerosexual support horrible

Posted on 6 July 2010 | 12:07am

I was surprised during the election that the parties did not get pushed harder to define what they meant by ‘frontline services.’ As the election fall-out continues, it would seem from Michael Gove yesterday that in relation to education, it means paying teachers and classroom assistants. If, however, they are operating in makeshift portakabins and […]

My part in the cuts consultation: Part 1: end charitable status for private schools

Posted on 9 June 2010 | 12:06pm

Dear George and Danny, Many thanks indeed for the expression of interest in my views, and those of every other citizen, as to where you should consider making cuts in public expenditure. I hope you will ignore that old cynic Nigel Lawson and his preposterous suggestion that this consultation exercise is all a Public Relations ploy […]

Darling v Gove, Osborne and help the rich squad is No Contest

Posted on 19 January 2010 | 10:01am

After shadow education secretary Michael Gove’s barely comprehensible (especially after he ‘explained’ it) ‘toffs for teachers’ elitist schooling plan, the Tories have now turned their attention to child poverty. According to the FT’s Nick Timmins, one of the most reliable public policy journos around (sorry, I know how that will damage him but it is […]

Mandela is a great man, Invictus a great film

Posted on 16 January 2010 | 8:01am

A friend of ours is a member of Bafta and so gets all the films up for awards. We have been lucky enough to see about a dozen in recent weeks, from Up In The Air (I liked it, Fiona loved it) to Funny People (Adam Sandler is a very funny person), Brothers (strong) to […]