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As Cameron revises body language, focus should be Lib Dem policy

Posted on 20 April 2010 | 10:04am

With my usual indebtedness to the Labour Party media monitoring unit, may I commend for your attention a story on page 2 of the Financial Times, headlined ‘Cameron to relax poise for TV’ . Now whenever you see an anonymous quote in a newspaper, you are entitled to assume there is a fair chance it […]

Is Kate Winslet’s split more important than Michael Foot’s funeral?

Posted on 17 March 2010 | 11:03am

Like comments on blogs, sometimes the best ‘Letters to the Editor’ are the shortest ones, and I quote one such from today’s Guardian, from Christopher Bell of Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. ‘Thank you for Jonathan Freedland’s moving account of Michael Foot’s funeral. A shame, then, that the news on BBC1 failed to report the occasion. But then […]

Support the Street Kids World Cup

Posted on 15 March 2010 | 11:03am

A few months ago I wrote about a fundraiser I did with Jamie Redknapp, Eduardo and Simon Mayo to raise money for the Deloitte Street Child World Cup in South Africa. I return to the subject today because in a few hours’ time the tournament kicks off when the host nation takes on India. To get a flavour […]

The record needs a better hearing – Labour and Tory

Posted on 11 March 2010 | 8:03am

Due to a scheduling balls-up, I was last night at a Labour fundraiser in Greenwhich when I would rather have been at Burnley’s re-arranged home match against Stoke. Of the fundraiser, more later, but it meant for one night only I was like Bob and Terry from that brilliant episode of The Likely Lads, when […]

On football and morality

Posted on 10 March 2010 | 4:03pm

Michael Foot … above all else a lovely man

Posted on 3 March 2010 | 2:03pm

The tributes will focus on Michael Foot the politician, the minister, the leader, the wonderful orator. They will highlight too his journalism and his writing, and the great causes he supported. I hope that what also comes through is what a lovely man he was, right to the end of a life so well lived. The sadness […]

At least Britney knows what she is singing about

Posted on 1 March 2010 | 10:03am

Sketchwriter Matthew Engel gets all the big gigs. He was the one who outed me as a Britney fan when I felt a tap on my shoulder as she shimmied on stage at Wembley, and Mr Engel was there, to say he was ‘doing a piece on Britney crowds’ and would I like to say […]

We all agree – Carlisle is cleverer than DC

Posted on 25 February 2010 | 11:02am

A call from the lady who might be termed my common law mother-in-law this morning, Audrey, who is aware of my aversion to listening to the news in the morning, and therefore acts as an occasional voluntary media monitoring service. She often calls to tell me what people have said about me, always delighting in delivering mild expletives […]

Some great stuff in The Observer today

Posted on 21 February 2010 | 11:02am

There is some fantastic stuff in The Observer today. As I am heading to Villa to see Burnley later today, forgive me if I am a bit rushed and so only point out four things. 1. is the final paragraph of the lead story. I will quote it – the final paragraph that is – in […]

Time for Maya’s voice to be heard amid the non-tears

Posted on 9 February 2010 | 9:02am

It is modestly comic how some media saddos continue to imagine I somehow used my magical powers of spin to ensure publication of my novel, Maya, coincided with my appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry. Never having been one of those ‘all publicity is good publicity’ people, I don’t quite buy the line that because I […]