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The life and death of the man who made the link between exercise and health

Posted on 28 November 2009 | 11:11am

Until yesterday, I had never heard of Professor Jerry Morris. Yet a fascinating obituary in The Times made me wish I had. Maybe it is because I am now on the back nine of life, as over 50s golfers call it, that I read obituaries more than I used to. It is also – another […]

Mind Mental Health Media Awards

Posted on 27 November 2009 | 9:11am

Two very different stories of depression

Posted on 17 November 2009 | 5:11pm

Back to the depression front today, with two very different stories to report from different parts of the world. First from Australia, where senior politician Kevin Foley has held an emotional press conference to ‘confess’ that for several years he has been treated for depression. South Australia’s Labour deputy Prime Minister and finance minister, Foley ‘came out’ after Opposition […]

Twitter NHS backlash good for Obama

Posted on 14 August 2009 | 3:08pm

When I occasionally rage at the culture of negativity in the UK media, it is often the coverage of the NHS I have in mind. Every hour of every day, wonderful things happen in the NHS, thanks to the terrific people who work in it and above all because of the basic idea at its […]

Will MPs take the lead in the debate on euthanasia?

Posted on 15 July 2009 | 12:07pm

There is something very moving about the accounts of the deaths, together in a private Swiss clinic, of conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife Joan, a former ballet dancer. Though he was older by eleven years, and frail, it was she who was terminally ill, and their mutual assisted death clearly seen by them and […]

Andrew Lansley done up like a kipper

Posted on 2 July 2009 | 10:07am

You won’t have found too many words of praise for journalists on here, so stand by for a rare event. I refer to a journalist I have never met, named Sally Gainsbury, who works for a magazine I don’t recall ever reading, named the Health Service Journal. A Facebook friend sent me her latest article, […]

Psychiatrists heading for relegation in ‘disease prestige’ league table

Posted on 11 June 2009 | 10:06am

I promised an update on my morning with the psychiatrists in Sedgefield, and I really really tried to get it to you yesterday. Don’t blame me. Blame something called Globetrotter Connect on my laptop. Whichever bits of the globe it was connected to, they didn’t include any of the bits where I was trotting and […]

Life beyond Dover …

Posted on 20 March 2009 | 10:03am

The day started with an interview about TB and God for Nick Ferrari on LBC following Tony’s piece in the New Statesman. Perfectly good discussion, no problem at all, and I let pass the line in Nick’s intro about people’s faith in politicians collapsing ‘almost on a daily basis.’ But actually, given how politics and […]

Labour’s communications challenge for the NHS

Posted on 18 February 2009 | 10:02am

I sat recently at the back of a focus group and watched people discuss their favourite and least favourite brands. It was a business rather than a political exercise, but there were as ever some interesting political points to emerge. At the end of a long discussion, in which the economy dominated, and people admitted […]