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Murdoch’s problems may be bigger than we thought

Posted on 24 May 2012 | 6:05am

I spoke at two very different events yesterday, and got some interesting insights into two subjects I think about a fair bit, Rupert Murdoch’s influence, and (unrelated), mental health. The first event was a conference in London of the Australian pension funds industry, and the reason I was there was to take part in a […]

Guest blog suggesting all is not well in NHS treatment of Boozeland

Posted on 30 April 2012 | 8:04am

Regular visitors know how much I will stand up for the NHS, which does a great job for so many people, and whose basic values and principles are currently under attack from the top-down re-organisation that David Cameron said would never happen. They know too that I have an ongoing interest in the issue of […]

Thank you Mr Speaker

Posted on 8 March 2012 | 7:03am

This is a straight-forward thank you to Commons Speaker John Bercow who last night co-hosted with me a Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research dinner at Speaker’s House. The dinner allowed us to bring together leading lights in what might be termed the ‘cancer community’ to discuss the charity’s Trials Acceleration Programme, TAP, a clinical trials network […]

If Cameron and Lansley plough on with NHS car crash, it could yet be the end of them

Posted on 7 February 2012 | 11:02am

I haven’t read The Times, so I am only going on an edited version of Rachel Sylvester’s column today, as summed up by Labour’s media monitoring department. At the risk of offending Rupert’s paywall principles, I would like to print in full what the media monitors took out of it. ‘Is Lansley the exception to […]

Leveson could take a look at how benefits debate works against truth, and so harms policy and people

Posted on 24 January 2012 | 9:01am

The airwaves filled up nicely for the government yesterday, backed by constant use of rag headlines from rag right-wing papers, with the line that most struggling families would be ‘happy’ with £35000 a year. And so they might. But the members of those ‘most families’ eagerly found by TV reporters to agree with the government’s […]

Disability campaigners expose sham/cover-up of coalition consultation on benefit reforms

Posted on 9 January 2012 | 10:01am

Today’s blog is given over to a press release from a group of disabled disability campaigners who have exposed the sham that is the coalition government’s public consultation on Disability Living Allowance. It is long, but worth reading. It reveals inter alia, as Boris Johnson might say, the scale of the London Mayor’s opposition to […]

Trying to explode myths about schizophrenia

Posted on 22 November 2011 | 7:11am

If you listen to local radio, there is a chance you might hear me today, as I am heading for a marathon local radio session to talk about a new report on schizophrenia. Rethink Mental Illness have commissioned a survey which has exposed the widespread belief in the continuing myths surrounding one of the most […]

The economic costs of our failure to treat addiction

Posted on 11 November 2011 | 1:11pm

A brief word on the conference on addiction I spoke at in Ireland yesterday, and the visit to Toranfield House, which helps recovering addicts. First though, a tourism plug. County Wicklow has some fabulous scenery, and the autumnal colours were sublime. When I had my recovering from addiction spell many years ago, I could have […]

New shadow cabinet must now defend better, attack better, and win the future better

Posted on 8 October 2011 | 10:10am

As Liam Fox and Chris Huhne were embarrassing themselves and the government last night, I won’t have been the only one to have liked the younger, more feminine look of the new shadow cabinet. But I am sure Ed Miliband and his team understand – getting the new team together is the easy bit. Now […]

Robert Enke’s story is more important than Rio Ferdindand’s

Posted on 30 September 2011 | 6:09am

While the press revels in the judgement that allows them to carry on with kiss and tell stories about footballers (provided they are England captain it would seem) I would like to focus not on Rio Ferdinand but on Robert Enke. He was the German goalkeeper who killed himself after a long battle with depression, […]