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With Big Society and NHS reforms in trouble, Cameron keeps press on side with superinjunctions support

Posted on 23 May 2011 | 8:05am

With his Big Society still no clearer now than it was when he first coined the phrase to distance himself from Mrs Thatcher, with his NHS reforms now so confused that he may have to start the legislative process all over again, David Cameron continues to do a good job at keeping secret from people […]

Economic snapshot from Yorkshire; and the build up to Football Focus play-off v Alan Sugar

Posted on 20 May 2011 | 10:05am

To Leeds last night for a very enjoyable dinner with some of Yorkshire’s top business people, and publication by BDO of a report into the prospects for the county’s economy (strapline STRONGER, LEANER, FITTER). The diners had voting pads and could express instant views about their hopes for the future. It won’t surprise you to […]

Theresa May’s police cuts are of more lasting significance than the Ken Clarke frenzy

Posted on 19 May 2011 | 10:05am

Which was the event of more serious long-term consequence? Ken Clarke ballsing up his choice of words in a live interview? Or Theresa May getting a comprehensive thumbs down from the PoliceFederation? If the media are to be believed, particularly the hysterical broadcast media yesterday, it is KC and the loose language. I suspect that […]

Public want more variety and less monoprism than media gives them – a despatch from Fowey

Posted on 18 May 2011 | 1:05pm

To remind you of another Rule One of communications – never confuse media opinion with public opinion. And Rule 1a – always expect better, more interesting and more varied questions from the public. If ever I do a media interview these days there will usually come a point where the journalist shifts in his chair, […]

Strangeways documentary should strengthen not weaken Ken Clarke’s new approach on prisons

Posted on 17 May 2011 | 10:05am

Reshuffle stories are a bit of a nightmare to deal with. The press write whatever they want, the broadcasters blather away about it, the ministers get a bit jumpy, the ones being tipped for promotion get jumpy in a different sort of way, and all the Downing Street media operation can do is say nothing. […]

Nothing to add to my Iraq Inquiry evidence

Posted on 13 May 2011 | 11:05am

As with previous inquiries, I decided on being called as a witness to the Chilcot Inquiry  that I should say nothing beyond my own evidence. That was harder when earlier inquiries were going on, because I was still working for the government, and regularly briefing the media, but it is straightforward enough now. I have […]

Lovely weather yes, but litter louts bring out the Grumpy Old Man in me. Big Society please solve

Posted on 10 April 2011 | 2:04pm

Stuart Prebble is a soon-to-be 60 year old TV programme maker of considerable repute. Of the telly things I have done, the ones I felt had the greatest depth and integrity were the ones I did with Stuart’s Liberty Bell company – including a three part series on The Blair Years,  and, best of all […]

Coulson departure was Dambuster 1; News’ admission of liability could be Dambuster 2

Posted on 9 April 2011 | 10:04am

It never ceases to amaze me how media organisations, so sharp and skilful in covering other people’s crises, are often so poor at handling their own. I have been saying here since well before the last election that the only way for News International to deal with the phone-hacking scandal is to get everything out […]

The Sun-SNP dance is about helping Cameron not Salmond, or Scotland

Posted on 8 April 2011 | 8:04am

There is a very interesting little dance taking place in Scotland at the moment between Alex Salmond’s SNP and Rupert Murdoch’s Sun. Not obvious bedfellows you might think, but it looks increasingly likely the Sun will come out for the Nationalists, or certainly personally endorse Salmond, in advance of the Scottish elections next month. The […]

South Africa: Government and media have mutual interest in good communications, not least re Mandela

Posted on 2 April 2011 | 10:04am

As I blogged earlier in the week, I was recently in South Africa advising the government there on communications issues. The Independent group of newspapers asked me to write about my visit, and some of the issues we discussed. Here is the article I did for them. For a political romantic – and despite the […]