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Buy All In The Mind and raise cash for mental health campaigns

Posted on 27 July 2010 | 2:07am

In the run-up to the election we sold several hundred signed copies of The Blair Years via the website, with half the proceeds going to the Labour Party. Now I want to do something similar with my first novel, All In The Mind, about a psychiatrist and his patients. But this time the proceeds are […]

For Lansley, the hard part is still to come

Posted on 13 July 2010 | 1:07am

As the World Cup withdrawal symptoms abate (hugely helped by that abomination of a Final, over which the Dutch should stop whingeing about the ref and go kick someone their own size) I tuned into Newsnight and was pleasantly surprised by the depth and nature of the debate on the Tories’ health reforms. I say […]

All the best to Tory MP David Ruffley

Posted on 20 June 2010 | 5:06pm

When Iain Dale interviewed me for his Total Politics magazine interview, he asked me, with my mental health campaigning hat on, whether I was surprised no MPs had committed suicide over the expenses furore. I avoided the question, perhaps remembering the mild opprobrium that fell upon the head of Tory MP Nadine Dorries, not least […]

Time to Change Street-Porter’s silly but prejudice-reinforcing views on depression

Posted on 21 May 2010 | 12:05pm

Last week, in the – where else? – Mail, Janet Street-Porter wrote a piece suggesting depression was like the latest must have fashion accessory. The Daily Mirror today kindly gave me the space, as Mind Champion of the Year and a supporter of the Time to Change campaign, to reply to her ill-informed, silly and prejudice-reinforcing article. The […]

Rebutting the good and the bad, and support from football fans

Posted on 17 January 2010 | 12:01pm

We only get The Observer on a Sunday, and I fear that Gaby Hinsliff and Nick Cohen will be going into hiding after their articles today. Sorry, but you just can’t say these things!! Ms Hinsliff has written what even my other half (who is used to reading unpleasant things about me) has described as […]

Here’s Good Luck to you, Mrs Robinson

Posted on 29 December 2009 | 12:12pm

BBC Northern Ireland called this morning, asking me to do an interview about the decision of Democratic Unionist MP Iris Robinson to step down, citing her severe depression as the reason. Mrs Robinson is also a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and wife of First Minister Peter Robinson, so she knows a thing or […]

When poor mental health creates great art …

Posted on 12 December 2009 | 3:12pm

Since writing All In The Mind, making Cracking Up, and becoming Mind Champion of the Year, I’ve been approached by all manner of mental health organisations and today want to give a plug to one of them. Breakthrough do some fantastic work promoting the creative work of people with mental health problems. They produce magazines […]

Mind Mental Health Media Awards

Posted on 27 November 2009 | 9:11am

Well done BBC in Mental Health Media awards. Looking forward to Inside Sport on depression tonight

Posted on 25 November 2009 | 10:11am

I am out tonight recording the voiceover for a new official Burnley FC DVD – stay with me, stay with me, this is not another Burnley blog, I promise. I’m just hoping I get back in time for Inside Sport on BBC1 at 1045, which has a feature on depression in sport. From the trailers […]

Two very different stories of depression

Posted on 17 November 2009 | 5:11pm

Back to the depression front today, with two very different stories to report from different parts of the world. First from Australia, where senior politician Kevin Foley has held an emotional press conference to ‘confess’ that for several years he has been treated for depression. South Australia’s Labour deputy Prime Minister and finance minister, Foley ‘came out’ after Opposition […]