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It’s Mind week – Get it off your Chest with me and Stephen Fry

Posted on 11 May 2009 | 6:05am

I have no idea how days and weeks come to be such and such Day and such and such Week, but I do know that today sees the start of Mind week. I know because I am on my way to the BBC to talk it up on Radio 5 (0745) and Breakfast TV (0810) […]

Should happiness replace prosperity as national goal?

Posted on 8 May 2009 | 8:05am

John Prescott once gave Tony Blair a gift of a plastic fish which, if you pressed it, would sing ‘don’t worry, be happy’ to the former Prime Minister.  I thought of that as I read  the views on the economic crisis of a Prime Minister with the wonderful name of Jigme Thinley. ‘Greed, insatiable human […]

She may be my ‘wife’ but it is time to rebut!

Posted on 3 March 2009 | 10:03am

I knew something was up when I got a rash of texts about dishwashers yesterday late morning. I was working on a speech at the time, so pushed the phone to one side and ignored them. Then, out on my bike in the afternoon, a fellow cyclist overtaking me in Regent’s Park (an increasingly frequent […]

Mental health and the Carling Cup Final

Posted on 1 March 2009 | 9:03am

The two are not directly related, but sum up the day ahead. Off shortly to the BBC to film a piece for Comic Relief on mental health. Comic Relief are one of the big backers of the Time to Change campaign aimed at ending mental health discrimination. Some have suggested that kind of money would […]