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If mental disorder accounts for almost a quarter of our health burden, why so far down pecking order?

Posted on 18 February 2013 | 11:02am

With thanks to South London and Maudsley psychiatrist Jonathan Campion, here is a summary of the report I referred to in my debate with Oliver James in yesterday’s Observer. This statistic that 23percent of our health burden comes from mental disorder, compared with 16percent for cancer and cardiovascular, needs to become as well known and […]

Onsite psychiatric services for major employers will save them in the long run

Posted on 17 February 2013 | 7:02am

Here is a copy of the debate in today’s Observer between me and psychotherapist Oliver James, arguing for and against major employers providing onsite psychiatric support for their staff. Alastair Campbell – I was really pleased to see the headline proclaiming “MPs to get mental health clinic in parliament amid rise in depression and anxiety”. […]

A brilliant guest blog on Children of Alcoholics Week

Posted on 14 February 2013 | 8:02am

A while back I posted a guest blog from Lucy Rocca, who with a friend had set up a website aimed at helping people like her, who had had a drink problem, and were now trying to stay dry by celebrating being dry. Today I post another brilliant piece from Lucy on life with […]

Time to think differently about mental health care

Posted on 31 January 2013 | 12:01pm

The King’s Fund has launched a debate about the future of health and social care, called ‘Time to think Differently.’ They asked me to write a piece on mental health. To find out more about the King’s Fund debate, visit here. Meanwhile here is the piece I have done for them… So it is time […]

Slowly re-emerging from novel-writing hibernation to see a government that is there for the taking

Posted on 9 January 2013 | 9:01am

It’s flattering I suppose when people notice … that I have not been blogging much. It is becoming a new year tradition, like stomach upsets, broken resolutions, sacked football managers and tiny FA Cup crowds. A year ago it was because I was going through a bad bout of depression. This year it was because […]

How I made a film and changed the world! (for one 97 year old dementia patient)

Posted on 6 December 2012 | 9:12pm

Modesty and humility being big parts of what make me such a likeable and popular character, I very rarely blow my own trumpet on here. But something happened last night which leaves me with little option. I had been doing a discussion with the lovely Delia Smith at the BMA, her explaining why she does […]

Guest blog from another victim of betrayal by David Cameron

Posted on 1 December 2012 | 12:12pm

Unconnected to Leveson, out of the blue comes an email from a former RAF pilot accusing David Cameron of betrayal over his claim that former servicemen and women will not lose out as a result of welfare changes. Betrayal is a powerful theme, and the numbers who feel it are swelling. Environmentalists who were promised […]

Guest blog from Rethink chief executive Paul Jenkins on Schizophrenia Commission Report

Posted on 14 November 2012 | 8:11am

Slowly, progress is being made on the mental health front. The government has committed to parity of treatment between mental and physical illnesses. Ed Miliband made an important speech recently making clear the need for government and society to change its attitudes to mental illness, not least because of the social and economic costs of […]

Good to see Ed Miliband focusing on economic as well as social gains of changed attitudes to mental health

Posted on 29 October 2012 | 11:10am

Ed Miliband’s speech on mental health today is a significant – and good – moment in the campaign to improve understanding and treatment of mental illness in Britain. It is perhaps particulalry significant that this is his first major policy speech since he launched the theme of One Nation Labour at the party conference a […]

Cameron’s alcohol strategy is missing the point – a guest blog from a recovering middle class alcoholic

Posted on 26 October 2012 | 1:10pm

Interesting morning in a series of meetings covering variously alcohol abuse, Page 3 girls (and the campaign to get The Sun to drop them and so catch up with the modern world), banks and their diversity policies and various specifications to do with a new bike. Forgive me if for now I focus on the […]