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A rare venture into poetry – and yet another outlet for my madness

Posted on 2 August 2011 | 9:08am

After yesterday’s guest blog on happiness, today I turn to the subject of madness, more specifically my own. I was approached a few months ago and asked to write a poem for a book being prepared by Bovington Middle School in Dorset, to raise money both for the school’s English deparment and for Help for […]

Guest blog on Happiness – with a plea for female speakers on the subject

Posted on 1 August 2011 | 10:08am

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a Lecture on Happiness at Birmingham University. Today I give the blog over to KIRSTY MACK, the university’s head of stakeholder relations, so that she can ruminate on the theme, and also ask for your ideas on who might be a suitable (female) speaker on this theme next […]

A welcome addition to the depression campaign library – this time from a top footballer

Posted on 25 July 2011 | 8:07am

A break from politics and the press today, and instead three of my other interests – football, mental illness and plugging books. No, not my own books, though these are available here here here here here and the latest one, Power and Responsibility, here. Oh, and you can pre-order the next one, The Burden of […]

The press furore won’t swing an election, but it will change the nature of the debate to Labour’s benefit

Posted on 12 July 2011 | 6:07am

Time for the blog to take a little breather from phonehacking, with three little scenes from yesterday which combined to lift my mood from the general media putrescence in which we have been swimming. First, I spent the morning at Eastbury comprehensive school in Barking, speaking to the sixth form induction group. Forty per cent […]

I don’t recommend falling off the wagon as a form of therapy

Posted on 3 July 2011 | 1:07pm

Back from a flying visit to Dublin, and in the two interviews I did (one TV, one radio) there was more interest in my admission of occasional falls from the wagon than in the matters Prince Charles/TB  which led The Guardian on Saturday. As it happens, the only other business I did whilst there was […]

Guest blog revealing mental health discrimination in CRB checks

Posted on 30 June 2011 | 7:06am

As someone who campaigns against stigma and discrimination regarding mental illness, I would like to share with you a letter I received recently from Eileen O’Hara in Manchester. It is self-explanatory. Like many people, Eileen has been reluctant to talk about her own experience of mental illness, but feels she has to speak out against […]

I hope someone asks Cameron about Guardian splash on mental health at his press conference

Posted on 21 June 2011 | 8:06am

Like many mental health campaigners, I gave Nick Clegg the benefit of the doubt when he outlined the government’s strategy for mental health in February. To save you reading the whole thing, here is the last sentence of the piece I posted then … ‘This has never been the sexiest or easiest issue in the […]

As Yardy takes another break, Boycott shows he is beginning to understand depression is an illness

Posted on 15 June 2011 | 11:06am

Back in March, more in sorrow than in anger, I wrote a blogpost critical of my childhood hero Geoffrey Boycott, who had some some rather insensitive things about Michael Yardy, who had come home from the World Cup. The piece I wrote then is here. It seems Yardy is still having real problems, and having […]

Fatal consequences of benefit changes

Posted on 1 June 2011 | 8:06am

Today’s blog is given over to the letter in The Guardian from leading mental health experts and charities, on the impact of some of the government’s welfare reforms. It is self-explanatory. Reform of the welfare system is steaming ahead, and already we’re hearing about the devastating effects this is having on the mental health of […]

Financial Times expose on care homes must reading for Cameron and Lansley

Posted on 31 May 2011 | 8:05am

It says something for the hold the downmarket papers have over the broadcasters that the Financial Times’ lead story did not make it onto the bulletins this morning. Cheryl Cole’s absence from X Factor, house prices and continuing shenanigans at Fifa are still deemed more important than the standard of service in care homes. I […]