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May have to review hero-worship of Geoff Boycott in light of his Mike Yardy comments

Posted on 24 March 2011 | 6:03pm

Geoff Boycott was one of my childhood heroes. Growing up as a sports nut in Yorkshire, I loved his technique, his attitude, his cussedness, and the focus he brought to Yorkshire County Cricket Club, whose players back then all came from the county. So taken was I with his brilliance that I started a Geoff […]

On the perils of shorthand and/or mumbling and/or not fully explaining

Posted on 13 March 2011 | 11:03am

I don’t know for sure that Euan Ferguson of the Observer does teeline (the form of shorthand in which I was once, many years ago, 120 words a minute proficient). But I think he might. Either that or I mumble – I know I do sometimes, but I thought I was speaking reasonably carefully when […]

Lessons in life from Ryan Giggs’ longevity and the relatively short list of team-mates

Posted on 1 March 2011 | 10:03am

Come on, be fair, it is ages since I did a blog on football. There is only so much I can say about David Cameron’s muddled foreign policy, his failure to explain the Big Society, or the ideological drive behind the cuts, which takes George Osborne into The Guardian today, rather defensively peddling a variation […]

Olympic project takes a big step in the morning

Posted on 21 February 2011 | 11:02pm

Just back from seeing West Ham sneak a 5-1 win over Burnley, allowing us to concentrate on the League while they concentrate on relegation. Depending on who goes up and who goes down, it could be the last time I visit Upton Park before West Ham move to the Olympic Stadium. Burnley fans were excellent […]

On bombs, no-growth strategy, sexist Sky commentators, Murdoch and phones, evil Mail

Posted on 25 January 2011 | 8:01am

Just as politicians say that terrorist attacks won’t change the way we go about our business – they do – so the media will always allow a major bombing to shift its agenda. That is not a criticism. An outrage of the kind we saw in Moscow yesterday is clearly genuinely newsworthy, and a reminder […]

On Becks, books and brotherly love

Posted on 16 January 2011 | 7:01pm

Well, that was an enjoyable 0-0, even if it meant I missed hearing how the Beeb edited down my Open Book interview with the lovely – sorry, but I find it impossible to say Mariella without that prefix – Mariella. Someone even lovelier (in the eyes of many though not me) was sitting just in […]

Nice send off for Ralph Coates

Posted on 5 January 2011 | 5:01pm

Just back from a celebration of Ralph Coates’ life  at St Stephen’s Church in Enfield, followed by a nice do at White Hart Lane. Big turnout and some terrific tributes from Dave Merrington and Martin Dobson (Burnley), Alan Mullery and Phil Beal (Spurs) and Frank Clark (Orient). Lots of former Spurs players there, including some […]

All hail Olli Issakeinen, the Finnish fib-watcher on Osborne’s case

Posted on 5 January 2011 | 9:01am

It is one thing to have a following for writing a blog. Far more impressive, surely, is to have a following for being a regular commenter on a blog. Yet that is what is clearly happening to our Finnish friend Olli Issakeinen, who pops up here often with very sound views on politics, the economy, […]

On privately educated rock stars, 10m 100yr-olds, and Burnley manager’s job

Posted on 30 December 2010 | 5:12pm

Many thanks to twitterers for keeping me vaguely informed of what has been happening outside the no newspapers, not seen the news for a week Christmas zone where I have been. The two most interesting random things pointed out to me were 1, that sixty per cent of British acts which made the charts are […]

First sport, now books, what has Gove got against learning for the many not the few?

Posted on 23 December 2010 | 4:12pm

Campaigners for sport and common sense secured something of a victory in forcing something of a U-turn when Schools Secretary Michael Gove foolishly took the axe to the excellent School Sports Partnerhips brought in by the last excellent government. Now Gove has got his axe out again and come out with another foolish move, namely […]