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Beware the detail in coalition ‘U-turn’ on school sport

Posted on 18 December 2010 | 12:12pm

The papers are being briefed that the government is to perform a U-turn on the planned scrapping of School Sports Partnerships. This is to be announced as early as Monday. It is also to be placed in the category marked ‘keep an eye on the detail’, and ‘don’t fall for the spin’. ‘Key elements’ of […]

If Fifa were a country, it would not look like Britain

Posted on 4 December 2010 | 8:12am

Here is the piece I have done for today’s Daily Telegraph on the fallout from the Fifa decision to hand the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar. The Telegraph headline is ‘If Fifa were a country, it would be Russia,’ which is not quite what I say, as you will see. My […]

On World Cups, wheelie bags, and the disadvantages of a free media

Posted on 3 December 2010 | 11:12am

First, re the World Cup location announcements, part of you wants to say these are visionary decisions which will help two important countries build a more modern and relevant global identity, and provide two great festivals of football. A bigger part can’t help fearing that from a fan’s perspective it is hard to think of […]

Great to see sports stars telling Cameron the truth on school sport axe

Posted on 30 November 2010 | 10:11am

Flying into Heathrow at the weekend, I was struck once more by the beauty and the power to inspire of the nascent Olympic stadium. If it can do that now, a year and a half ahead of the event, imagine what it will feel like to be an athlete flying in from overseas in the […]

Guest blog from Fiona on local school governance

Posted on 22 November 2010 | 9:11am

Every now and then, I get a comment from someone saying they prefer blogposts to be short rather than long. I suppose it gives them the chance to hoover around the place and digest a few more. But whilst brevity can sometimes be the best, every now and then you need a bit of length […]

Coalition hypocrisy – love London 2012, destroy school sport

Posted on 16 November 2010 | 11:11am

Subject to the views of the voters of London, the chances are the Olympics in 2012 will be presided over by David Cameron (Tory), Boris Johnson (Tory), Colin Moyniham (Tory), and Seb Coe (Tory). Seb has sufficient top human being and greatest British runner of all time qualities to be seen as separate, close to […]

Blown away by Chester; and a great new Welsh mental health scheme

Posted on 30 October 2010 | 10:10am

I only agreed to do the Chester Literature Festival because it was on a Friday night and I reckoned there would be a good chance Burnley would be at home on the Saturday. A calculated guess rather banjaxed by the fixtures computer which put us at QPR today – the closest Championship ground to where […]

The desperate desire of fans to think they make a difference

Posted on 16 October 2010 | 10:10am

I cannot claim to have followed every twist and turn of the Liverpool FC saga, but it says something about what top flight football has become that fans now find themselves doorstepping banks, courts and law firms, rather than merely stadia and team buses arriving to offload the players before a match. You don’t have […]

Cameron and Miliband could learn a lot from Monsieur Wenger

Posted on 8 October 2010 | 11:10am

I was interviewed by a student paper the other day, and asked what I had wanted to be when I was 7, 14 and 21. The answer was footballer, footballer and footballer even if, probably by age 7, and certainly by age 14, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. But even if you don’t fulfil your original […]

Colin Montgomerie missing so many tricks with his Twitter ‘ban’

Posted on 28 September 2010 | 8:09am

Many many words will be uttered before Ed Miliband’s speech to Labour’s conference this afternoon. The words that matter are those that he says, not all the speculation and hype. For now I have nothing much to add to what I said to Nick Ferrari on LBC and Nicky Campbell on Five Live this morning […]