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Cameron’s deception goes beyond the businessmen

Posted on 7 April 2010 | 7:04pm

I said on the day the first group of businessmen came out in favour of tackling waste over raising National Insurance that nobody should be remotely surprised that businessmen prefer tackling waste to raising National Insurance. The deception of the businessmen, and of the British people, lies in the Tories’ continued failure to spell out how their plan […]

Labour’s greater scope for positive campaign

Posted on 6 April 2010 | 1:04pm

They may have been speaking without notes, but the first speeches after the official announcement of the campaign represented an important moment, and the party leaders will have thought long and hard about every word they said. So what we can gather from those speeches are the key arguments, and also the tone, of the […]

Cameron uncut – message matters more than money

Posted on 5 April 2010 | 11:04am

As people weigh up the relative experience of the party leaders, it is worth remembering that after Eton and Bullingdon College Oxford, David Cameron’s experience has been as an advisor to Black Wednesday Chancellor Norman Lamont and a spin doctor to a TV station. I will spare the Tories on here the need to ask […]

Key election questions remain the same and the answer is still Labour

Posted on 4 April 2010 | 5:04pm

The central questions in the forthcoming election campaign remain the same, and so do the answers. On the question of which party is best able to meet the challenges facing Britain, which party has the experience and the judgement and strength in depth to secure the recovery, which party has a policy agenda for the […]

Osborne should heed his own words

Posted on 3 April 2010 | 4:04pm

Displaying the cockiness which perhaps goes with their background, and which could become more apparent as the campaign goes on, the Tories are claiming a near knock out blow. George Osborne’s people are busy making him the ‘zero to hero’ star of a clutch of articles, of which expect many more in the Sunday papers, […]

The 25th Hour

Posted on 2 April 2010 | 11:04am

The image of Britain presented by the Tories is of a country of wrecked communities filled with feckless individuals and all of it is the fault of the Labour government. One of the best rebuttals of their broken Britain nonsense is the growing culture of volunteering, which will build and build towards one of the […]

Hardly surprising if business prefers tax cut to waste

Posted on 1 April 2010 | 11:04am

I rather enjoyed Peter Mandelson’s description of George Osborne as a schoolboy charging round the sweetshop taking sweets from every jar without a clue as to how he is going to pay for them when he gets to the counter. He intends to reduce the deficit dramatically, cut taxes and protect frontline services. Mmmm. Sounds […]

Tories really ought to listen to TB and Mr Kaletsky

Posted on 31 March 2010 | 9:03am

One of the great joys of continuing involvement in Labour campaigning is access to the Party’s media monitoring brief, largely unchanged in format since we started it way back in the mid-90s. It is hard not to feel for people whose job is to plough through all our papers, and listen to all that blather […]

TB’s return to fray a reminder of Cameron strategy failure

Posted on 30 March 2010 | 10:03am

Tony Blair speaking in Trimdon Labour club in Sedgefield as an election campaign nears … brings back a few memories. His constituency was always an important part of his politics, not just the place that selected him to be candidate, but also the place where he found the support and the confidence needed to push […]

A chance to design Labour’s next poster

Posted on 29 March 2010 | 9:03am

It was good to hear Gordon Brown restating that Labour are the ‘people’s party’ when he launched the election pledge card at the weekend. Good to see too that Labour are trying to ensure theirs is the ‘people’s campaign’ . The latest manifestation is the invitation to online supporters to design Labour’s next poster. The […]