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Can’t wait to hear what George’s tax wheeze is

Posted on 26 March 2010 | 2:03pm

My old mucker Nick Watt has helped with another interesting insight into Tory tax policy formulation. Buried in a Guardian story about the decision to hire M and C Saatchi to work alongside Airbrush Posters PLC in their interesting (ie fraught) new joint venture is a line related to the most elusive issue in UK politics – what […]

Darling credible, Mandy exciting, Tories panicking over ads

Posted on 25 March 2010 | 11:03am

As the Top Tory Spin Doctor said in his genius briefing to my new best friend Nick Watt of The Guardian earlier this week, authenticity is the key in modern communications. It explains why, despite the extraordinarily tough hand Alistair Darling had to play yesterday, and despite (perhaps because of) the overshrill Tory response, personally […]

Today is all about credibility

Posted on 24 March 2010 | 9:03am

Like him or not, spare a sympathetic thought for David Cameron today. If he is anything like Tony Blair when Leader of the Opposition, he will have woken up this morning with the sense of a very big challenge ahead of him for the day. He does that every Wednesday of course, because Prime Minister’s […]

Obama’s win good news for politics everywhere

Posted on 23 March 2010 | 10:03am

With our own news again dominated this morning by MPs doing and sayings things they shouldn’t be, once again Barack Obama is able to remind us that politics at its best is always the pursuit of noble causes.  As if he does not have enough riding on his back, President Obama’s success or failure in […]

I take my hat off to a genius briefer

Posted on 22 March 2010 | 5:03pm

Apart from taking a sneaky look at the rather risque pictures of Samantha Cameron over someone’s shoulder on the tube, the only paper I have seen today is The Guardian. And every now and then, you just have to hold up your hands and say ‘well done, well done’ to someone from the other side […]

With Hague disabled, Labour team v Tory team even more important

Posted on 19 March 2010 | 11:03am

Not had time to read any of the papers, not heard any of the news, but the debate that has suddenly kicked off on my Facebook page re William Hague and Lord Ashcroft tells me that one has some way to run yet. Labour supporters scenting blood, Tories kicking out in all sorts of different […]

Tory lack of clarity gets candidates jittering

Posted on 18 March 2010 | 10:03am

There now follows an extract from this morning’s media monitoring report by the Labour Party…. ‘Conservatives left puzzled by policy pyramid’ (Timesp4) – ‘Wired up but not fired up for IT elex’ (Ti p4) – Conservative MPs are warning Cameron that the party’s election campaign is too complicated and lacks clear messages says Coates. MPs […]

Is Kate Winslet’s split more important than Michael Foot’s funeral?

Posted on 17 March 2010 | 11:03am

Like comments on blogs, sometimes the best ‘Letters to the Editor’ are the shortest ones, and I quote one such from today’s Guardian, from Christopher Bell of Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. ‘Thank you for Jonathan Freedland’s moving account of Michael Foot’s funeral. A shame, then, that the news on BBC1 failed to report the occasion. But then […]

Why Sir Trevor did no favours for Cameron

Posted on 16 March 2010 | 10:03am

If I say ‘Gordon Brown/Piers Morgan interview’ the chances are it will trigger some kind of response, that a memory either of the event or of the coverage will come to mind. It showed a more human side to GB than is normally on display, and therefore came as something of a surprise to people. […]

Support the Street Kids World Cup

Posted on 15 March 2010 | 11:03am

A few months ago I wrote about a fundraiser I did with Jamie Redknapp, Eduardo and Simon Mayo to raise money for the Deloitte Street Child World Cup in South Africa. I return to the subject today because in a few hours’ time the tournament kicks off when the host nation takes on India. To get a flavour […]