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Public ahead of press on the mess that is Cameron

Posted on 3 February 2010 | 1:02pm

Jonathan Freedland, writing in The Guardian, states ‘David Cameron is a mess. When will the media say so?’ It is a question I have been asking for some time, and it is nice to be joined by someone from The Guardian, some of whose reporters and commentators have been as much a part of the ‘give Dave an easy […]

Cameron winning on media support but losing on leadership

Posted on 2 February 2010 | 10:02am

Leadership is in large part about how you react under pressure. Pressure does not come much greater than that which faced Gordon Brown when an economic whirlwind struck, and the world feared a plunge into a 30s style depression. This morning I look at a Financial Times front page headline which says ‘Manufacturing surges back’ […]


Buy books, raise money for Labour

Posted on 1 February 2010 | 9:02am

Buy The Blair Years and raise cash for Labour

Posted on 1 February 2010 | 9:02am

In addition to publishing my new novel, Maya, this week, I am today launching a scheme to raise money for Labour’s campaign to keep out the Tories by selling individually signed copies of The Blair Years. I don’t pretend it will rival the Belize millions the Tories can rely on, but every little helps, as […]

A lesson in campaign mindset from young Labour students

Posted on 31 January 2010 | 1:01pm

I stayed up in Burnley after our latest heroic defeat last night to do a fundraiser for the town’s new Labour candidate Julie Cooper. It was the perfect venue for a speaking event – looking out over the hallowed turf of Turf Moor. But may I assure those political obsessives who complain when I do […]

Media tweets show the real agenda

Posted on 29 January 2010 | 9:01pm

By Peter Kyle, Progress Online I was at university on the 11 September 2001, in an open plan office with other postgraduate students. It’s not a day I or anyone else will forget. So many people said at the time that ‘the world will never be the same again’. It was an obvious point but […]

TB made a judgement, and is defending it well

Posted on 29 January 2010 | 2:01pm

I watched most of this morning’s TB session on the Iraq inquiry website. I don’t know who put the site together but I wished we’d had more of them around when I was doing government communications. It is clear, simple and very well designed. It also means it is possible to watch a screen freed from the […]

On inequality, special advisers, Ireland, and TB/Iraq

Posted on 28 January 2010 | 1:01pm

Three observations. 1. Yesterday’s report suggesting some failings in the government’s record on inequality attracted widespread broadcast and print media coverage. Today, so far as I can tell from a quick skim around the place, only The Guardian does much with a report showing a fifty per cent rise since the mid-90s in the likelihood of […]

Message machine Mandelson on form today

Posted on 27 January 2010 | 12:01pm

Say what you like about Peter Mandelson – some of you will doubtless take up the invitation – but he knows how to pack a few messages into a newspaper interview. I particularly like the way, in his Mirror interview today, that he paid tribute to the British people in their role in getting Britain […]

Only one place to be tonight

Posted on 26 January 2010 | 9:01am

Forgive me if I have only one thing on my mind today – no not that, nor even plugging Maya (out soon by the way and may I say the man from the Mirror, who gave my first novel a great write up, says he likes this one even more) so what with Time Out’s […]