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Lansley must give more detailed answers on children’s heart surgery review – guest blog

Posted on 2 September 2012 | 11:09am

Fairly low under the political radar, a review has been going on into the issue of children’s heart surgery. Thankfully, the number of children likely to require heart surgery is small, so it is not an issue directly to affect the majority. But to those it does affect, nothing could be more important. So with […]

Time for Britain to face up to drink problem

Posted on 23 March 2012 | 1:03pm

Whether or not David Cameron rushed forward today’s move on alcohol pricing to distract from the granny tax row, I am pleased he has shown that the issue of Britain’s drink problem is firmly on the agenda. When I was making a recent Panorama on ‘Britain’s Hidden Alcoholics’ I was aware that the Prime Minister […]

If Cameron and Lansley plough on with NHS car crash, it could yet be the end of them

Posted on 7 February 2012 | 11:02am

I haven’t read The Times, so I am only going on an edited version of Rachel Sylvester’s column today, as summed up by Labour’s media monitoring department. At the risk of offending Rupert’s paywall principles, I would like to print in full what the media monitors took out of it. ‘Is Lansley the exception to […]

Can someone tell me what this Tory conference is all about?

Posted on 4 October 2011 | 1:10pm

For various reasons I have seen no news coverage and read no newspaper reports of the Tory conference since Sunday morning. This has not been a deliberate snub to one of the two ruling parties, just the result of other things getting in the way. So today I spent a little time wandering around the […]

Whacking public services now a clear political strategy to match economic strategy of cuts

Posted on 24 June 2011 | 8:06am

I was surprised there were no ministers at the Local Government Awards organised by the Municipal Journal last night. It was one of those events at which, if memory serves me right, Labour always tried to ensure a ministerial presence. But I didn’t have to be there for long to pick up the feeling from […]

From Dream school to a real school making a real difference; and meeting Big Brother Lansley

Posted on 22 June 2011 | 3:06pm

Why did it have to be Piers Morgan who spotted the spelling error – I am OBSESSED about spelling – in my tweet from a school in Harrow? No, not that school in Harrow, but St Gregory’s Catholic Science College, a comprehensive not far from the well-known public school. Piers was quick to point out […]

Cameron’s new NHS position leaves health professionals more confused than ever

Posted on 8 June 2011 | 12:06pm

There was a fascinating discussion on Newsnight of the latest twist in the tale of David Cameron and the NHS last night. On one side of Jeremy Paxman sat Nick Clegg’s chief of staff, Norman Lamb, and a Tory MP I had never seen before but who was clearly on the right of his Party. […]

Lansley’s health and social care problems now as much about social care as health

Posted on 2 June 2011 | 11:06am

It is somewhat unfortunate for Andrew Lansley that the legislation on which his reputation and legacy will depend is called the Health and Social Care Bill. Up till recently, it was the health part of the equation that was causing the Health Secretary difficulty, and which led to the intriguing new constitutional development known as […]

Financial Times expose on care homes must reading for Cameron and Lansley

Posted on 31 May 2011 | 8:05am

It says something for the hold the downmarket papers have over the broadcasters that the Financial Times’ lead story did not make it onto the bulletins this morning. Cheryl Cole’s absence from X Factor, house prices and continuing shenanigans at Fifa are still deemed more important than the standard of service in care homes. I […]

Public will tire very quickly of coalition emotionalism. They should learn from downside of TB-GBery

Posted on 10 May 2011 | 6:05am

One of the most debilitating aspects of divisions in government is the emotional energy they absorb. Whilst I can and regularly do make the case that between them Tony Blair and Gordon Brown achieved a huge amount together, and whilst I can equally make the case that when Peter Mandelson and I were working together […]