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The Tories seem to dislike everyone who works in public service – apart from ‘independent’ Mervyn King

Posted on 17 May 2012 | 7:05am

So I went out for a run yesterday, over the Heath to the opticians to get my glasses tightened. Only en route it is my chest that is tightening – asthma bad this time of year – and I end up walking part of the way. Up by the tube station, a woman stops me […]

Plenty for Cameron to be nervous about as confident Hollande takes the reins in the rain

Posted on 16 May 2012 | 8:05am

I was in Paris for part of the aftermath of former Presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s spectacular fall. The mood in the Parti Socialiste at the time was one of real anxiety, for all the considerable unpopularity of President Sarkozy. DSK had looked like a shoo in not just for the candidature but for the Presidency. […]

Cameron wrong if he thinks sacking nine out of ten civil servants the answer to his problems

Posted on 11 May 2012 | 7:05am

Not much doubt which will be the most read newspaper in Whitehall today… the Daily Telegraph, which leads on a story headlined ‘worst civil servants to be sacked,’ and includes the remarkable line from a ‘minister’ that he is in favour of sacking 90 per cent of them, and paying the remaining 10 per cent […]

Cameron very defensive as he starts decoupling from Clegg

Posted on 9 May 2012 | 7:05am

It is a sign of the Prime Minister’s new found defensiveness that he is saying to the Daily Mail things they want to hear, and his team are stressing that today’s Queen’s Speech is no big deal compared with the ‘plan’ to get the economy sorted and growing again. Indeed, such is the playing down […]

If Cameron panders to the Tory right now, he is finished

Posted on 6 May 2012 | 10:05am

I have been around long enough to know it is unwise to believe everything you read in the the Sunday papers, but the whiff of U-turn in the Tory air has a credible aroma to it. One word for David Cameron on this … don’t. If it is true that he is dropping the Bill […]

Boris win a boost for Cameron – I don’t think so

Posted on 5 May 2012 | 11:05am

It is remarkable how slowly the media moves from a pre-ordained narrative that turns out to be wrong. Boris Johnson having failed to win anything like the support being predicted for him, the win over Ken Livingstone is being seen both as a big step towards Boris being the next Tory leader, and a rare […]

Game on, and if Tories think this is about communications, the game is definitely winnable for Labour

Posted on 4 May 2012 | 9:05am

I hope someone at Tory Central Office is minting a medal for Michael Fallon, the MP who so gamely trots from studio to studio defending whatever Cameron-Osborne shambles happens to be trending at the time. But last night, as he sat with others waiting for election results to come in, there came a little sign […]

Don’t fall for Boris Johnson’s ‘I’m not a Tory’ shtick

Posted on 2 May 2012 | 9:05am

So tomorrow London decides whether Boris Johnson gets another bash at being Mayor, or Ken Livingstone a return to City Hall. Whizzing through my morning media brief, I see Ed Miliband correctly exposing the strategy that Johnson is hoping will get him over the line. This from the Independent Page 17… Ed Miliband has accused […]

Cameron and Osborne should heed Alistair Darling’s advice

Posted on 28 April 2012 | 5:04pm

I don’t suppose the two arrogant unapologetic posh boys who don’t know the price of milk (copyright Nadine Dorries) would ever listen to Alistair Darling. But they could do worse. Writing in the FT today, Labour’s last Chancellor sets out his ideas for how his successor George Osborne might get the economy going, including investment […]

Leveson drama will run and run, but double dip recession is event of the week

Posted on 27 April 2012 | 9:04am

A Tory strategist (now there’s a rare bird) is quoted in the FT today as saying ‘I don’t think there will be a permanent impact [from recent troubles] if we can show we are a competent government.’ That may be true, though I doubt it; may be wishful thinking, indeed clearly it is; but the […]