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Well done Dan Jarvis, and my latest litttle battle against the evil of the Mail

Posted on 4 March 2011 | 5:03pm

I’ve been away having laptop connection problems so apart from a couple of tweets I have not been able to congratulate Labour’s Dan Jarvis on his excellent by-election win. And yes, of course I knew Lord Sutch was dead when I tweeted asking where was he when he needed him? That was the point — […]

Lessons in life from Ryan Giggs’ longevity and the relatively short list of team-mates

Posted on 1 March 2011 | 10:03am

Come on, be fair, it is ages since I did a blog on football. There is only so much I can say about David Cameron’s muddled foreign policy, his failure to explain the Big Society, or the ideological drive behind the cuts, which takes George Osborne into The Guardian today, rather defensively peddling a variation […]

Shirley Williams talking sense on NHS, Philip Hammond talking sense on rail, but Big Society could derail him

Posted on 28 February 2011 | 7:02am

For the second time in less than a week – well done Charles Kennedy on re-election as Rector of Glasgow University – I intend to be nice about a Lib Dem. I did not see BBC Question Time last week, but several people have mentioned to me how impressed they were with Shirley Williams. The […]

Cameron, Clegg, Hague and Fox could do with some basic lessons in government and politics

Posted on 25 February 2011 | 9:02am

My God they are still blessed, this Tory government. Can you even begin to imagine the hue and cry, the howling, raging, screeching tone of the papers and the tellybabblers if a Labour government’s handling of the Libyan crisis had been as inept as this? The Prime Minister wandering around the region spectacularly failing to […]

A word of defence for William Hague, and a reminder of Gaddafi and WMD

Posted on 24 February 2011 | 9:02am

I didn’t hear William Hague’s interview on the Today programme – I am a silence person first thing – but the avalanche on twitter suggested he didn’t do terribly well. I thought I would offer a word in his defence. It is not easy being Foreign Secretary when an international storm is raging.  When someone […]

I am now confused re Big Society and DC’s foreign policy. Someone please explain

Posted on 23 February 2011 | 4:02pm

I remain confused by the Big Society concept, as I think are we all, including its author. My hunch is that when DC was trying to ‘rebrand’ the Tory Party, he wanted something that set himself apart from Mrs Thatcher (‘there is no such thing as society’) and the Big Society sounded as good as […]

Operation Get-a-Grip – hilarious to see Cameron going back to Blairite centralisation

Posted on 20 February 2011 | 6:02pm

David Cameron was always quite fond of criticising the centralising Number 10 system which operated under Tony Blair. So it is highly amusing to watch him steadily shift towards the kind of centralising Number 10 system which operated under Tony Blair. He appears to be realising that whilst it is all well and good in […]

A few weeks trying to teach challenging kids makes me respect teachers even more

Posted on 19 February 2011 | 10:02am

March 2 sees the start of Jamie Oliver’s latest TV project, Dream School, in which he, I and other non-teachers try to teach 20 young people who have gone through the school system without success. The Times Weekend section today has a big piece on the Channel 4 programme, including interviews with actor Simon Callow, […]

Hezza signals discontent at lack of Cameron grip, but Osborne won’t U-turn yet

Posted on 18 February 2011 | 8:02am

I got back from Leicester in time to catch a bit of Question Time and was interested to see that the audience seemed mildly supportive of the government’s U-turn on the sell-off of forests. It was a very different reaction to the one I got at De Montfort University, where students seemed to go along […]

Time running out for Tories’ ‘all Labour’s fault’ mantra

Posted on 17 February 2011 | 7:02am

The Tories have had a very good run with their ‘it’s all Labour’s fault’, but it is slowly coming to an end. With the public, or at least the centre of gravity of public opinion, I think it came to an end some time ago. The media are following on behind. It was a great […]