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Labour can demolish coalition claims in same way as IFS has done

Posted on 22 October 2010 | 9:10am

In this cynical, media age, it is not easy for an organisation to establish a strong reputation for taking complicated facts and delivering sound and sober judgements upon them, but you’d have to say the Institute for Fiscal Studies has done so. There were times when I was working for the government when their judgements could […]

Cuts far deeper than they would have dared make with an outright majority

Posted on 21 October 2010 | 3:10pm

There is something wonderful, almost French, about Brighton seafront on a cold sunny day like today. I was so taken with the light and the fresh air that I enjoyed a little stroll before heading to one of the big hotels on the front to speak at a conference of public services communications professionals. This […]

The ones who caused the crisis laughing all the way from the bank

Posted on 20 October 2010 | 3:10pm

Just caught sight of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles on TV trying rather unsuccessfully to maintain that the George Osborne package was ‘progressive’, followed by a man in the City saying that it was a dreadful day for the public, but a great day for the government. Needless to say, in keeping with the media’s treatment […]

You have to admire Tory nerve in claiming cuts all about fairness

Posted on 18 October 2010 | 9:10am

The coalition may have a tricky week ahead of them, but they continue to have media opinion (not to be confused with public opinion) blowing a favourable wind up their bums and into their sails. Or, to put it more favourably for their strategists, they have done a good job in winning the battle of […]

To boldly go – to success or oblivion

Posted on 15 October 2010 | 8:10am

Time to take a step back and have a look at the government’s overall strategy. Boldness is an important factor in strategy and in leadership. David Cameron and Nick Clegg both showed themselves capable of it in forming the coalition. Yes, it is possible to say that is the only way they could get their […]

Coalition nodding dogs oblivious to unintended consequences

Posted on 13 October 2010 | 6:10am

As Nick Clegg and Vince Cable were standing on their heads once more yesterday, and quietly forgetting their ‘I pledge’ posters on student finance, I was back in my classroom with a group of teenagers who have completed their formal schooling without being overly bothered about the impact of higher tuition fees. The tragedy is […]

People strangely unmoved by Cameron, but Labour need to get going now

Posted on 7 October 2010 | 8:10am

To the lovely setting of Knowsley Park near Liverpool last night, and a speech to pensions experts. No, wait, wait, the specific brief was ‘anything but pensions’ so don’t go away. Of course pensions is a fascinating subject but tough for an after dinner speech, especially when your main experience of the issue is having […]

I wonder if my challenging student knows better than Osborne re benefit cuts

Posted on 5 October 2010 | 7:10am

As George Osborne was speaking to the Tory conference, I was heading for my second lesson with 20 youngsters who have gone through the education system without much success. Their homework had been to come up with ideas for campaigns, things they wanted to change or fight for in the world around them. Some of […]

A fascinating day with ‘challenging’ kids

Posted on 2 October 2010 | 7:10am

Had a fascinating time yesterday, my first day as part of an education experiment. I was teaching a group of ‘challenging’ teenagers who have gone through the school system without overly troubling the GCSE scorers, and who have been brought together to see whether ‘inspiring, passionate, achieving’ people (why thank you experiment organisers) can turn […]

Unions well placed to make big arguments v coalition cuts

Posted on 13 September 2010 | 9:09am

It is possible to feel in the build up to the annual gathering of the TUC the media desire to generate a sense of some good old-fashioned industrial strife. Union leaders need to be careful though; not to allow media (still generally positioned on the right, and more importantly more influenced by the politics of […]