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Italian interview on Dick Clamberon, TB, GB, Murdoch inter alia

Posted on 15 May 2010 | 1:05pm

Am back from Ireland, a bit tired after a late night after The Late Late Show. I do love the Irish, who seem to loathe the idea of a Tory government in Britain as much as I do, and most of whom seem to think Nick Clegg is a pseudoTory, as I do. So it […]

Random House announce publication plans of AC diaries

Posted on 12 May 2010 | 5:05pm

I thought you might be interested in the release going out from Random House this afternoon about my diaries. They also have pictures of the covers but I am useless at getting pictures up here without my trusty website expert  who is too depressed about the Cameron-Clegg love-in to work! I’m sure someone will find […]

Tories really ought to listen to TB and Mr Kaletsky

Posted on 31 March 2010 | 9:03am

One of the great joys of continuing involvement in Labour campaigning is access to the Party’s media monitoring brief, largely unchanged in format since we started it way back in the mid-90s. It is hard not to feel for people whose job is to plough through all our papers, and listen to all that blather […]

Tribute to a lovely man

Wed 3 Mar 2010

TB made a judgement, and is defending it well

Posted on 29 January 2010 | 2:01pm

I watched most of this morning’s TB session on the Iraq inquiry website. I don’t know who put the site together but I wished we’d had more of them around when I was doing government communications. It is clear, simple and very well designed. It also means it is possible to watch a screen freed from the […]

Thanks to friend and foe alike for helping yesterday go by

Posted on 13 January 2010 | 8:01am

First of all thanks to the friends and also total strangers who offered support in various ways yesterday, not least across the web. Fair to say there was loads of the usual abuse that comes whenever anyone goes out and defends British policy on Iraq, but there was also a big expression of the counter […]

Congrats to Ellie on PPB campaign, and Willy Hague on getting van Rompuy

Posted on 17 November 2009 | 11:11am

Congratulations to young (I know it sounds patronising, but it is kind of relevant) Ellie Gellard who is today enjoying the sweet taste of campaign success. To people with political blood flowing through their veins, there are few better feelings. Ellie started the online campaign to persuade the Labour powers-that-be to choose, as their next party […]

John Sergeant spot on re TB. TB’s Olympics legacy. Liam Gallagher’s generosity

Posted on 30 October 2009 | 11:10am

A couple of nice surprises on Question Time last night. First, I was fearing real car crash telly with former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith appearing for the first time since she got caught up in the expenses scandal. But she handled herself well in difficult circumstances. So that was surprise numero uno. Second, it was […]

Conservative contortions on Europe and Blair

Posted on 29 October 2009 | 11:10am

It is fascinating to watch the Conservative contortions over Europe and Tony Blair. They suggest Europe as an issue remains a huge problem for them. These are problems David Cameron needs to sort out, because if he were to become Prime Minister, one of the many surprises in store for him is just how much […]

Blair – dead big in Japan!

Posted on 26 October 2009 | 5:10pm

David Miliband said yesterday that foreign governments, and opposition parties, found it odd in the extreme that Britain’s Conservatives were actively campaigning against Tony Blair becoming the first ‘President of Europe’. However TB may be seen at home, where he divides opinion strongly, among the political classes in most countries he is seen as a […]