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A bit of ENT on the NHS

Posted on 17 May 2010 | 11:05am

I thought I might start the week with some good news for the Clamberons.

Namely that the blogging and the tweeting may go a little quiet for a few days.

Because very shortly – perhaps this will cheer them even more – I will be under a general anaesthetic.

Nothing serious, just a bit of ENT that needs a bit of sorting, with an emphasis on the N (no, not drug-related, have never done that nonsense).

I was due to have the operation a few weeks ago but the election got in the way. It will probably be my final contact with the NHS before the change of government kicks in, so I am feeling safe in its hands.

Over and out.

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  • Karen Ross

    Good Luck with the surgery Alastair. One of the things which the Labour Government didn’t get enough recognition for was the improvements it made to our NHS. I dread to think what’s to come now!

    Karen (an NHS employee)


    You getting a nose job? I quite like your honker. There’s something sexy about it.

  • Chris

    Hope all goes well A! Flowers from Adam Boulton?

  • Michael

    Hey Alastair,

    Just wanted to say that I’m loving your conversations with Adam Boulton – he seems like a proper jerk. Would love to get more info on it!!

    Michael đŸ™‚

  • Rohachi

    They’re installing a knuckle-holder under his nose. It’s just convenient. đŸ™‚

    Good luck, monsieur, and speedy recovery.

  • Chris lancashire

    Why do you and those of like leftist leaning continually descend to personal slurs and general unpleasantness? We can have political differences without such childish references as “Clamberons”.

  • judith haire

    All the very best Alastair. Look forward to your return.

  • Kerry

    Sniff. Hope all goes well. I thought all the sniffing through out the campaign was emotion!

  • Robert Jackson

    I hope it goes OK.

    If it’s anything like the boring (sic) job my father had when he was in his early fifties it will be well worthwhile.

    All the best – give yourself plenty of time to repair.

  • Johny C

    Best wishes for it AC, just wanted to congratulate you on this blog, it is fantastic! Its great for us people to be able to here from people like you directly, we may get rid of the daily mail yet, cut them off at the source. S0 take care, sure all will go well and look forward to the blog continuing.

  • Jeanatadesk

    Hope it all goes well.

    I’m a v disappointed old Labour girl who foolishly voted for Heather Kidd ( Lib Dem) in south Shrops and ended up with P Dunne – Eton and Oxford Conservative.

    Never again

  • David

    Wish you well but wish the UK better after the mess you lot left us in!!!!!!!!
    Spin doctors OUT

  • Andy

    God Speed!
    Young Mr. Campbell.

    Still say that Mr.Brown & Mr. Blair might have had there differences whilst in office, But! Both wanted the same thing of lifting the United Kingdom of it’s death bed and to stand proudly as country of decent & loving people who care for others instead of being a selfish society.

    So may I take this opportunity to wish you every sucess with your Op and for the future.

    I know know that you’re not one for God or religion, But! You must stop hanging about with Tom Cruise and his pals.
    Anyway! You & your family will always be in my prayers.
    Best wishes
    Andy McMenemy

    P.S….I’m proud that you speak about mental issues in our society as I was once a so called fruit and nut, but!I came out stronger for it in the end.

  • Graham Jones

    As someone who underwent minor knee surgery, just over a year ago, I was grateful for the investment that Labour made over the past 13 years. When I was treated as a kid under Tory cuts, it was in a building that was under equipped, under funded, under staffed, and under valued by government.
    Tony and Gordon saved the NHS, and now we have a world-class service, at the point of contact for everyone. unfortunately, the Nurses and Doctors of today, are now faced with a party in power, who will destroy the NHS by stealth. The public will rely on the Labour party, to fight it every inch. It is part of a fantastic legacy, left by 13 years of Labour. Thank you Tony, thank you Gordon and thank you NHS.