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My BMX stunts put in shade by Jez and Gareth

Posted on 4 April 2011 | 9:04am

Thanks for all the concerned tweets yesterday after I revealed I was being trained by a BMX stunt rider.

It won’t surprise you to know that this was at the request of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, for reasons which will become clear in due course.

But today, I want to highlight the efforts for the charity of Jez Davison and Gareth Crockett who will set out this Sunday on the inaugural Beldon Challenge: travelling from Belfast to London on bike and foot in just eight days, completing four marathons along the way, culminating in the London Marathon itself.

In total they will cycle over 450 miles and run more than 100 miles in eight days,with marathons in Belfast, Dublin, Bristol and London. The goal is to raise more than £10,000 in memory of their close friend, John Erwin, who lost his life to leukaemia aged 26 last year. His name was John Erwin. He was born and grew up in Moira, Belfast — where the journey begins – and studied and worked in London, where it will end.

If you would like to donate please go to –

And for any media who may want to publicise their efforts, here is the schedule.

Sunday 10 April – 26.2m run, Belfast

Monday 11 April – ca. 100m cycle, Belfast to Dublin

Tuesday 12 April – 26.2m run, Dublin

Wednesday 13 April – ca. 250m cycle, Holyhead to Bristol Day 1

Thursday 14 April – ca. 250m cycle, Holyhead to Bristol Day 2

Friday 15 April – 26.2m run, Bristol

Saturday 16 April – ca. 125m cycle, Bristol to London

Sunday 17 April – 26.2m run, Virgin London Marathon

Good luck. As for why I was out on a BMX bike for the first time in my life, watch this space.

  • Ehtch

    BMX is so Goldie Lookin Chain, a grand set of blokes from Newport, Monmouthshire, clart!

  • Richard Brittain

    There is an awesome British BMX cyclist called Shanaze Reade! She’s a real prospect for the Games next year. You should try to hook up with Lance Armstrong, since he cycles for against cancer too.

  • Gilliebc

    As interesting as this blog will be for BMX fans, of which there are quite a few I guess. I was sure you would have been writing today about David Cameron’s elbowing out of the way, of Andrew Lansley and the so called NHS reforms.
    Some of us need to know your opinion on this issue AC. Though I think it would be fair to say that most of us could hazzard a pretty good guess.
    Tomorrow maybe? please.

  • Gilliebc

    Further to my previous comment, I’ve just realised this blog is more about charity then just BMX. Note to self, must read blog properly before commenting.

  • Plaingoldband

    I always have the utmost respect for those who put themselves out to raise money for charity…people who push themselves to a physical and mental boundary and then some more…all to raise cash for others.

    Good luck to Jez and Gareth and I hope they are successful with their fundraising (will go and pledge now!)

  • Thanks for your donation Plaingoldband.

    Gareth Crockett

  • CVinson

    Tragically, this noble attempt to raise money in memory of a victim of leukaemia has met with unimagineable disaster. Whilst cycling in Anglesey earlier this week, one of the group (Gareth Crockett) was involved in an accident with a car on the A55 and was fatally injured. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. Words cannot express how devastating this accident will have been to Gareth’s friends and family and they have my complete sympathy and respect. RIP.

  • Geraint jones

    Reading my local daily post newspaper today,that Gareth Crockett was involved in a terrible cycling collision with a car on the A55 dual carriageway in Anglesey North wales yesterday 13th of April.Unfortunately Gareth passed away at the scene.There were four other riders with Gaerth . Very sad. Geraint.(road cyclist)

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  • Great job I must say. I always admired people doing such tricks but I am very impressed by the work they are doing for charity. I wish you all the very best and would like to share a quote:
    “One man with courage is a majority.”