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Thanks for the thanks. Is online shopping not always like this?

Posted on 17 February 2010 | 10:02am

It is as a statement of fact, rather than with any pride, that I confess to a certain phobia about online shopping. True, I am not that big a shopper anyway, and tend to come out in something of a rash on my annual supermarket visit, on the second day of our summer holiday. But […]

Buy books, raise money for Labour

Posted on 1 February 2010 | 9:02am

Buy The Blair Years and raise cash for Labour

Posted on 1 February 2010 | 9:02am

In addition to publishing my new novel, Maya, this week, I am today launching a scheme to raise money for Labour’s campaign to keep out the Tories by selling individually signed copies of The Blair Years. I don’t pretend it will rival the Belize millions the Tories can rely on, but every little helps, as […]