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Flood damage is a cruel metaphor for Tory failure to see that cuts have consequences. It is defining Britain

Posted on 30 December 2015 | 2:12pm

Here is a piece I have done this morning for International Business Times. I sometimes think David Cameron lives his life as his own Action Man doll, dressing himself up according to the various demeanours he wishes to display. For Parliament it is the classic dark blue suit, white shirt and (always, as if he […]

Five thousand words or so on how today’s challenges for leaders are tougher than 1997, and lots of other stuff. Happy Christmas

Posted on 20 December 2015 | 1:12pm

I’ve not done a big blog for a while, so as I penned this speech for a conference in France today, and I saw it was getting close to the 5,000 word mark, I thought ‘why not? Get it up there.’ The conference is in Montpellier in southern France and they asked me to reflect […]

Hezza shows the new boys what a growth plan looks like

Posted on 31 October 2012 | 8:10am

As I predicted on Sunday, Michael Heseltine’s response to the silly briefing against him by Osborne and Co has been to crank up rather than wind down his interventionist ideas to get growth going. Still able to command attention when he wants, his report ranges far and wide, covering transport, energy, planning, regional development, skills, […]

Reshuffle takes UK closer to America, not in a good way, and misses the point of London 2012

Posted on 5 September 2012 | 8:09am

I woke up this morning to an avalanche of tweets in response to my asking on the way home from Stratford last night why the US, so dominant in Olympic sport, appear to be so relatively marginal in the Paralympics. It is never possible to predict what will get a big reaction on twitter, but […]

More people care about planet’s future than Osborne’s, so Ed Davey needs to win coalition battle

Posted on 24 July 2012 | 11:07am

If I may use a Bullingdon-type expression, I never much fancied the cut of the jib of Chris Huhne when he was Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change (remember that.) Too much about himself, too fond of the media positioning. I don’t know Ed Davey, his successor, but I wish all power to […]

NASA climate change scientist exposes world leaders’ abdication of resposibility

Posted on 6 April 2012 | 1:04pm

I like the sound of this NASA scientist Prof Jim Hansen, who intends to use his acceptance speech for a major award on Tuesday to issue a fresh warning about man-made climate change. It has been mind-boggling to witness the way that climate change denial has become a right-wing political virility symbol, like low taxes, […]

Cameron needs to take on the flat-earthers and win the argument for wind power

Posted on 27 February 2012 | 8:02am

Back in the days when people seemed to accept at face value David Cameron’s commitment to the environment, today’s revelations that billions of pounds worth of investment in wind farms is on hold would be big news. Perhaps it will be, but Cameron is very successful at moving from one ‘top priority’ to another, so […]

Ideology is coming ahead of analysis for Osborne and Cameron tags along with it

Posted on 2 December 2011 | 8:12am

I have not mentioned anywhere the attention-seeking, abusive and offensive remarks of a well-known TV presenter about strikers. He was on the TV at the time ‘to launch a new DVD’ so the abusiveness and offensiveness were deliberate and the means of attention-seeking. His publicist will on balance be happy, the DVD will sell well, […]

New shadow cabinet must now defend better, attack better, and win the future better

Posted on 8 October 2011 | 10:10am

As Liam Fox and Chris Huhne were embarrassing themselves and the government last night, I won’t have been the only one to have liked the younger, more feminine look of the new shadow cabinet. But I am sure Ed Miliband and his team understand – getting the new team together is the easy bit. Now […]

Let’s hope Cameron and Osborne read and heed Heseltine’s lesson in The Times

Posted on 23 August 2011 | 9:08am

Michael Heseltine has personal wealth, and a lifestyle, that is far removed from the vast bulk of people living in Britain’s inner cities, let alone those who took part in the riots. He spends his working life flitting in the back of a car between a beautiful home in Belgravia, and an even more beautiful […]