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Frontline First?

Posted on 12 November 2010 | 9:11am

Throughout the last election campaign, the Tories said till they were even bluer in the face than usual that they would protect the NHS from any looming cuts, and that within the public services more generally they would protect the ‘frontline.’ Where this frontline was drawn was never terribly clear, but the general impression given […]

Fancy a night out with Kevin Spacey?

Posted on 6 September 2010 | 9:09am

 If so, check your diary and go to I promise, as someone who has enjoyed a few nights out with Kevin Spacey, that you won’t regret the investment. What’s more, you will be helping a great cause, namely Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Charities are having to fight harder and harder to fund their programmes, and we rely […]

Ideas please for weight-losing, a PS on Piers Morgan

Posted on 7 July 2010 | 3:07am

I promise I am not coming over all girly, in a ‘does my bum look big in this?’ kind of way, but I am on the lookout for a few quickfire diet ideas. Having just stepped on the weighing scales – something I have avoided doing since sensing my heavier weight coming on and staying, […]

Government moving to sensible (Labour) policy on immigration. Ok on pension age too

Posted on 25 June 2010 | 4:06pm

This coalition malarkey is proving to be even more consensual than we thought. It now appears that whatever immigration policy people voted for, what they are probably going to get is neither the one the Tories campaigned on, nor the Lib Dems’, but Labour’s. Business appears to have won the argument that the Tories’ idea […]

Why I love the NHS even more than ever

Posted on 17 May 2010 | 6:05pm

Despite a bit of post-general anaesthetic wooziness, nasal oozings of various colours (so what if it is too much detail?), and a big bandage that made the neighbours ask if I have had a nose job,  I can’t let the day go by without a blog thanking the doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, caterers and administrators who […]

A bit of ENT on the NHS

Posted on 17 May 2010 | 11:05am

I thought I might start the week with some good news for the Clamberons. Namely that the blogging and the tweeting may go a little quiet for a few days. Because very shortly – perhaps this will cheer them even more – I will be under a general anaesthetic. Nothing serious, just a bit of […]

Time to turn up volume on sport schools revolution

Posted on 11 February 2010 | 10:02am

A day out of book promotion mode today to head to a conference organised by the Youth Sport Trust to celebrate the work of specialist Sports Colleges. When TB talked of the three domestic priorities being ‘education, education, education’ sport was always an important part of that. The size of today’s event, with more than […]

Do we need same approach to booze as smoking?

Posted on 19 December 2009 | 9:12am

There can’t be many teenagers out there unaware that if a boy and a girl have unprotected sex, there is a chance of a girl getting pregnant, and/or both getting a sexually transmitted disease.  Just as there can’t be too many people unaware that if you drink a lot, there is a chance of getting […]

Tiger cut off at the knees. I bet he’ll be back

Posted on 14 December 2009 | 11:12am

As visitors to our house will know, I have not one but six photos of Tiger Woods on the wall opposite the sofa in the kitchen extension where I do a lot of my work. I bought them from a specialist sports photography agency which often has a stall at Lord’s cricket ground. Taken from […]

When poor mental health creates great art …

Posted on 12 December 2009 | 3:12pm

Since writing All In The Mind, making Cracking Up, and becoming Mind Champion of the Year, I’ve been approached by all manner of mental health organisations and today want to give a plug to one of them. Breakthrough do some fantastic work promoting the creative work of people with mental health problems. They produce magazines […]