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Cameron’s woes a mix of out of touchness and media revenge re Leveson

Posted on 1 April 2012 | 11:04am

I resisted the many requests from Sunday newspapers to offer crisis comms advice to Number 10 as a combination of granny tax, tax cuts for the rich, pasties, petrol panic and a Tory funding scandal combine to give the government a fairly choppy period. Partly this was because I remember once spotting Bernard Ingham, Maggie’s […]

There could be many more Inequality Moments this week

Posted on 20 March 2012 | 9:03am

I am due to be sitting on the This Week sofa with Michael Portillo on Thursday, when doubtless post-Budget discussion will dominate. As regular viewers will know, the show kicks off with Andrew Neil asking Michael and his fellow close-up sofa-occupant for their ‘moment of the week’. This week’s will probably emerge from tomorrow, but […]

Guest blog on the need for the public to see the full story re Motorman

Posted on 12 March 2012 | 8:03am

An interesting piece from Brian Cathcart, a founder of the Hacked Off campaign, who teaches journalism at Kingston University London, on the campaign’s website. There is an open secret at the Leveson inquiry. The judge knows it; the lawyers all know it; the witnesses from the press – including the editors – all know it. […]

Bit of a whiff developing around the Gove email saga

Posted on 3 March 2012 | 11:03am

Michael Gove looked like a naughty boy caught with his hand in the sweet jar when Ed Miliband quizzed the Prime Minister about the Schools Secretary’s ill-judged running commentary on the Leveson Inquiry. I have a hunch it is a look that will become familiar to us as the press (or at least those parts […]

I look forward to Gove’s next contribution on (or perhaps to) Leveson

Posted on 28 February 2012 | 9:02am

Even after all that emerged at Leveson  yesterday, the Tory strategy to undermine the Inquiry continues. Boris Johnson, journalist and Mayor, talked about the need for ‘the caravan to move on’. Not quite on a par with Michael Gove’s ridiculous claim that the inquiry was having a ‘chilling’ effect on free speech, but in the […]

Forget the Sun on Sunday ballyhoo/arrogance … get The Sunday Express tomorrow

Posted on 25 February 2012 | 9:02am

Forget the overblown, well-funded hype surrounding the Sun on Sunday, and the arrogance of Murdoch and Co sticking up two fingers to a judicial inquiry and police investigations into his papers … if there is one paper you should get tomorrow it is the Sunday Express. No, they’re not plugging any of my books or […]

Far from being a ‘rogue’ minister, Gove is part of Cameron strategy to undermine Leveson

Posted on 22 February 2012 | 9:02am

A very rare sighting today – a Daily Mirror editorial in support of a Tory Minister. What could be the issue that gets my old paper supporting Michael Gove? The answer is the press, and his remarkable calling into question of the very existence of the Leveson Inquiry which, ludicrously, he says is having a […]

Statement on phone-hacking settlement

Posted on 8 February 2012 | 10:02am

As has just been announced at the High Court, News Group Newspapers have admitted that the News of the World intercepted messages on my mobile phone in 2006, and have apologised and agreed to pay damages and costs for the procedings I brought against them and private detective Glenn Mulcaire last year. This is a […]

Weird agreements break out on The Big Questions, and with Joey Barton

Posted on 22 January 2012 | 12:01pm

Despite feeling like death warmed up on waking – am on antibiotics for a chest infection and anti-depressants for Le Chien Noir – I enjoyed the BBC Big Questions debate. I know Nicky – no relation – Campbell inspires mixed views, but I think he holds the ring in live, and lively debates, really well. […]

Transcript of evidence to Leveson Inquiry (of which straightest reporting is in the Mail SHOCK)

Posted on 1 December 2011 | 8:12am

Technical hitches earlier. Here is link for transcript of my evidence to the Leveson inquiry. And here is the submission I made. And with thanks to one of my twitter followers, who has sent me cuttings from today’s papers, I can say something I never thought I would say – that the straightest reporting of […]