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People strangely unmoved by Cameron, but Labour need to get going now

Posted on 7 October 2010 | 8:10am

To the lovely setting of Knowsley Park near Liverpool last night, and a speech to pensions experts. No, wait, wait, the specific brief was ‘anything but pensions’ so don’t go away. Of course pensions is a fascinating subject but tough for an after dinner speech, especially when your main experience of the issue is having […]

A fascinating day with ‘challenging’ kids

Posted on 2 October 2010 | 7:10am

Had a fascinating time yesterday, my first day as part of an education experiment. I was teaching a group of ‘challenging’ teenagers who have gone through the school system without overly troubling the GCSE scorers, and who have been brought together to see whether ‘inspiring, passionate, achieving’ people (why thank you experiment organisers) can turn […]

From Saint Vince to Mr Bean – A Journey

Posted on 22 September 2010 | 11:09am

As Steve Richards reminded us on his rather depressing Radio 4 analysis of the Brown Premiership yesterday, a memorable jibe from Vince Cable played quite a part in the political and media mood that saw the shift from from hero GB to zero GB. It was following the postponement of the ‘election that never was,’ […]

Q and A on TB’s book for La Repubblica

Posted on 2 September 2010 | 2:09pm

Italian newspaper La Repubblica interviewed me on the TB book yesterday. It runs in today’s paper. English version below in full

Marr right that TB book like no other prime ministerial memoir

Posted on 1 September 2010 | 9:09am

Fair play to Andrew Marr for giving a more rounded view of Tony Blair’s book than will come over from the screaming headlines. What is coming through from the small number of people who have actually read the book is a sense of its richness, its capacity to surprise, its candour and breadth. Though A […]

Italian interview on Dick Clamberon, TB, GB, Murdoch inter alia

Posted on 15 May 2010 | 1:05pm

Am back from Ireland, a bit tired after a late night after The Late Late Show. I do love the Irish, who seem to loathe the idea of a Tory government in Britain as much as I do, and most of whom seem to think Nick Clegg is a pseudoTory, as I do. So it […]

He has his faults, but my God you have to admire GB depth and resilience

Posted on 5 May 2010 | 11:05am

When there are so many undecided voters, the last stages of the campaign matter more than any other. I imagine most visitors to this site made their minds up some time ago. Since starting this blog, the majority of comments here, on Facebook and Twitter lead me to believe that most have decided to vote […]

GB at his best at Citizens UK, fired with passion and conviction

Posted on 3 May 2010 | 6:05pm

Having seen the very warm reaction Nick Clegg got from his speech to the Citizens UK conference in Westminster Hall, I was a bit worried GB might not quite match the performance or the response. Oh me of little faith. That was GB at his best. He was fired up with real passion, and the […]

All still to play for. GB won. DC not answering. NC on wane

Posted on 30 April 2010 | 11:04am

I caught a snatch of a Five Live phone-in on the TV debates this morning, where the sense of the calls I heard was the clear dissonance between what people thought, and what the polls and pundits said. As I tweeted in advance of last night’s debate, the right-wing papers (ie the majority) were all […]

After all the fuss of yesterday, it is still the economy, stupid

Posted on 29 April 2010 | 5:04pm

Someone texted me late last night to say I should take a look at Peter Hyman’s performance on Newsnight discussing GB and Mrs Duffy with Danny Finkelstein (Tory) and Olly Grender (Lib Dem). Oh no, I thought, don’t tell me Peter has waded in against GB. If Peter wades in, he tends to do it […]