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Maybe you needed to be there, but I can’t quite see why Cameron got such rave TV reviews for his brothers crack

Posted on 15 December 2011 | 9:12am

Perhaps you needed to be there. But based on the clips I saw on the news, I cannot quite see why the broadcasters seemed to decide  as one that Ed Miliband had a disastrous PMQs yesterday. The papers do not seem to share the view that this was a seismic event. On one bulletin, I […]

Clegg vacates his chair in protest at Cameron vacating his chair – pathetic

Posted on 12 December 2011 | 6:12pm

So Nick Clegg didn’t show up in the Commons today, because he didn’t want to be a distraction. A distraction from what? A distraction from the fact that he is the most pro-European leader in UK political history, now propping up the most anti-European government. A distraction from David Cameron’s latest effort to present his […]

Cameron’s lack of understanding of lives of squeezed middle could be his undoing

Posted on 26 November 2011 | 11:11am

Very good night at the fundraiser for Ed Miliband’s constituency party in Doncaster last night. Good turnout, good mood, and after someone in the q and a had raised the crisis of capitalism, it duly emerged – in the form of sold out raffle tickets. Anyone who knows anything about Labour fundraisers will know why […]

Clegg needs to be challenged on Tory scam to take millions off electoral register

Posted on 17 September 2011 | 9:09am

As the Liberal Democrats prepare for their conference, I hope enough of them will be tugged by the Democrat side of the equation to make an issue of the government’s preparations for the planned boundary changes. I refer not simply to the redrawing of boundaries, loaded though this is in favour of the Tories, but […]

A chance for the coalition to show they understand fairness

Posted on 9 September 2011 | 7:09am

Earlier last month I recollected New Labour’s driving principle of ‘power, wealth and opportunity in the hands of the many not the few’ and questioned the lack of an equivalent  from the current government. One or two of you pointed out that it was worth looking on the front inside cover of the coalition’s programme […]

Clegg needs to do more than fulminate. This is also about wealth, power and opportunity

Posted on 8 August 2011 | 12:08pm

Nick Clegg is right to say the violence in London has been unacceptable, and the thieving opportunistic, and the senior police officer put up to do interviews in the absence of a Commissioner right to say the rooters and looters do not represent their communities. But both are wrong if they see this purely as […]

Market meltdown ensures no silly season for Cameron and Osborne

Posted on 5 August 2011 | 9:08am

There used to be a silly season. However it looks like global economic woes will ensure this year’s silly season has a rather more serious backdrop than usual, what with front pages around the world showing traders looking like they’ve just been told a loved one has died. David Cameron and George Osborne are having […]

That Nice airport blog in full — Cameron would have handled crisis better if he had gone to a comprehensive

Posted on 18 July 2011 | 9:07am

It is evidence of just how badly David Cameron has handled the News International scandal that he is having to cut short a planned – and important – trip to Africa. Indeed, amid all the talk of victims of phone hacking, the victims of the spreading famine can be added to the list. But for […]

Don’t faint, but I want to say something positive about Nick Clegg

Posted on 15 July 2011 | 7:07am

It has been widely and rightly recognised that Ed Miliband has shown real leadership in recent days. He has forced the pace on phonehacking, and the broader issues of media practices and culture which the Leveson Inquiry will now investigare. It has been equally widely recognised that David Cameron has had a very bad crisis, […]

I hope someone asks Cameron about Guardian splash on mental health at his press conference

Posted on 21 June 2011 | 8:06am

Like many mental health campaigners, I gave Nick Clegg the benefit of the doubt when he outlined the government’s strategy for mental health in February. To save you reading the whole thing, here is the last sentence of the piece I posted then … ‘This has never been the sexiest or easiest issue in the […]